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A mother's poem: What makes me a mother?

Mother's Day
Mother's Day
by Alvin S Relucio

I am a mother and I thank my God for opening my womb

I thank my husband for filling my womb and

I thank my children for inhabiting my womb

I am a mother

You, my children made me one

You filled me with awesome fear as you grow within me

Life within a life, how can it be?

You fill me with awesome love as you left my body

How can such emptying be so fulfilling?

You fill me with awesome insecurity as you lay helpless in my arms

How can someone who know not, be responsible for such a child?

You fill me with awesome hope as you grow

I realized that a mother need all not know

For God has put the soul in you, the being and the will

You are a teacher to those who are willing to learn

Your helplessness teaches selfless caring

Your dependence teaches hard work and responsibility

Your weakness teaches patience and empathy

Your stubbornness teaches discipline and wisdom

Your arrogance teaches understanding and insight

Your love teaches humility and gratitude

I am a mother and will remain as one

I am physically closest to you in the womb

But I become spiritually closest to you in the tomb

For as you draw farther from my presence as you grow, you draw nearer to my essence when you know

What a mother means to you

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