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A Mother's dream: Determination of Margo Valencia

Jonathan Valencia is a 12 year gospel artist born in Jacksonville, Florida. When interviewed recently, Jonathan stated that he is inspired by many gospel artists and wanted others to know about his passion for the Bible. Jonathan is very talented and his recent performances has afforded him the opportunity to an upcoming recording session and a performance at the Midday Praise Radio Anniversary Celebration. Today we interview Margo Valencia, the mother and person behind Jonathan's ministry.

Margo Valencia connecting with other artist at Jonathan's recent event
LaNette Kincaid

LK: Tell us about Jonathan Valencia

MV: When Jonathan was 3 years old he used his karaoke machine to preach and sing. That's when I knew he had a gift to preach. He actually preached his first sermon at 10 years old. I consider Jonathan as my tugboat because sometimes he's the one that pulls me to have a stronger walk with Jesus. Jonathan reminds me a lot of David because of his heart for the Lord and his boldness. Most people upon meeting Jonathan compliment him on how respectful and how talented he is. I always hear people say how kind Jonathan is. As an artist, people compliment his great stage presence and say that he is anointed.

LK: What role do you play in Jonathan Valencia's music?

MV: I am Jonathan's mom first, then I would have to say that I take on a lot of executive roles for him. Sometimes I am a songwriter, promoter and I'm also the person that balances out his schedule to make sure that his schedule doesn't conflict with his school activities. I also complete a lot of research for media outlets and venues to provide a platform for his music. Having the experience as a mother allows me to step into other positions as needed the way most mothers do.

LK: What is the objective you have for Jonathan and his music?

MV: The most important thing for my son is for him to be a true man of God and to serve God with all of his heart. Our goal with the music is to uplift the name of Jesus. Personally, I feel that if he continues to do the will of God he will be much more successful that the average. I also feel that if he gain the heart of Jesus then that's when the blessings will come. Every since Jonathan was anointed with his gifts, my goals have been for him to be an inspiration to youth and to motivate them to serve Jesus. Jonathan's music was created as a way to put more positive lyrics into the ears of children. Also to create a Christian and positive environment. Almost like an attempt to save our children. Our ultimate goal for our ministry is to get children prepared to be Kingdom Bound.

LK: What advice would you give others parents with talented children?

MV: My first advice to parents is the words of the Bible, "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

I urge parents to speak life and blessings over their children. I believe that parents should create a strong foundation for their children first, then pay attention to the gifts God has given them. I believe that every child has a gift. I feel that it's our job as parents to pay attention to that gift and then cultivate the gift once we notice it. With Jonathan, I saw the gifts and talents that God had given him and I started to nurture it immediately. I noticed that he had an anointing and passion for God and I continued to keep him surrounded by his true passion.

Lastly my advice for parents is to protect what your children hear and see. What you allow to get in your child's system is what you will get out of them. If a child is always seeing violence and negativity then that is what they will produce in their environment. I believe that is the equation to children being negative products of our society. Negative equals negative and positive equals positive.

From a business standpoint, the advice I would give to parents is remember to guard your children from people that may not be Godly. Since I've been working with Jonathan people are quick to say that we need to separate ministry from business. My strong beliefs are I will continue to put God first whether I'm discussing ministry or industry matters.

Be clear on your vision. If you do not have a strong direction for the path of your ministry you can be easily mislead and lose focus as to why you started the ministry to began with. "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." Proverbs 29:18

LK: What adversities have you experience working with your son Jonathan?

Jonathan is only 12 and still in school. This is sometimes an issue because we have to balance his school life with attempting to schedule travel and build a name for himself as an artist.

I am Jonathan's voice because sometimes he is not taken seriously as a 12 year old. He is not taken seriously until people realizes that he has a true gift. Jonathan is not really taken seriously until he performs. As a new artist it's hard to get noticed in the gospel industry so we have to work twice as hard just to be noticed.

Jonathan has a child-like faith and I have what I perceive as normal adult faith. My faith doesn't always meet Jonathan's expectations and his faith is sometimes too overwhelming for me. That sometimes creates a challenge for us because we don't see eye to eye on certain situations.

LK: What are personal testimonies that you have working with Jonathan?

MV: It's a blessing just to see my son perform. I get the opportunity to see his boldness and I see God move in him when he is performing. His boldness is what inspired his song, " I am Bold".

LK: Where do you see Jonathan in a year from now?

MV: I can see Jonathan performing on larger platforms sharing his anointing. Since children like to be around him, I can see more children coming to Christ. They will be drawn to Jesus per Jonathan's ministry. I believe that when children see how excited Jonathan is to do the will of God and see his love for Christ they will follow suit based on on his positive actions.

Visit Jonathan Valencia's website to hear samples of his music or read his complete bio.

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