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A Mother's Day shout out to all high school sports Mom's

Happy Mother's Day to all sports Mom's
Happy Mother's Day to all sports Mom's

Aaahhhh.......Mother's Day

A day that is set aside for dear olde Mom.

We all know that Mother's do just about everything to support their kids, and being a Mother is probably the toughest job in the world, hands down.

While today will be spent doing things to show appreciation for mom, like brunch, maybe a movie, or spending the time outdoors, behind all the "Happy Mother's Day" expressions are some things that go unsaid. There are some things that these kids that may play high school sports may want to say to their Mom's that might be difficult for them to say.

So I am going to say it for them

Attending my games.... Thank you for attending all of my games. You don't know how much I appreciate having you there. I know that sometimes you are working and driving frantically to get to the game as to not miss any of the action. I know I always say that it doesn't really bother me if you can't make it there. I LIED. I WANT you there. I NEED you there. I want to look in the stands and see you or hear you. It brings a smile to my face knowing that you are there. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to be there for me.

Where's my stuff?.... Thank you for making sure I don't leave the house without knowing I haven't forgotten anything, and if I have forgotten something, thank you for getting it to me right away. I'm a teenager, and I will forget stuff from time to time. I always have a clean uniform, I always seem to have water or Gatorade, and I always seem to give you a hard time when you ask "Are you sure you have everything?". For that I am sorry.

Go get'em next time.... While Dad might be good at times consoling me after a tough loss, or after a game in which I didn't perform well, Mom, you do it the best. While I do listen while Dad gives me the technical stuff I may have done wrong, along with things that I did do well, sometimes I just need to hear you say "Shake it off and go get'em the next time". Sometimes when you say "You will do better tomorrow, it's just one game" is a great thing to hear because it frees my mind. Yes, I am sorry that I may not have performed well while you guys were watching me, but I apologize because what I really want more than anything else is to be proud of me when you watch me. Hearing those words from you let me know that you are behind me during the good AND bad times.

Wearing the teams colors and being involved.... I know when I leave for a sporting event, and i see you in the team colors, I often wonder why you do that. I may even see you wearing a pin with a picture of me on it. I know I roll my eyes and often ask you why you have to do it. Deep down, I like the fact that you do it, and are proud of me. I am a teenager, and being as egocentric as I can be at times, I want people to know that you are my mom when I do something well. As much as I say that I don't want you involved, I really do. I want you to speak about my teams and about me with great pride. It makes me feel special when at the end of each sports year, you are upset that there aren't anymore games.

Now it's my turn

To Nikki.... The mother of my two boys and baseball players, thank you for being the kind of mom I just described. Thank you for getting to the games so our boys can see (and hear) you in the stands. The boys may not say it matters to them, but it does. Thanks for being the ultimate "baseball mom". I know the kids appreciate it, and I do too.

For Jan Tracy.... My mother. Thank you for being the ultimate sports mom. If I were playing football, basketball, or baseball, I could always count on you being there in the stands. There were HUNDREDS of games, through Little League baseball to the three varsity sports I played, and there was rarely a game you missed. You always knew what to say, how to cheer, and were there for me after each game. Your willingness to drive 45 minutes from your home to watch your grand kids play sports blows my mind. I know the boys appreciate it. They may not often say it, but I know they do. You were the ultimate sports mom, and now you are the ultimate sports grandmother. I can't thank you enough.


Happy Mother's Day to all the sports Mom's out there

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