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A Mother's Day manifesto

Three generations of Leposky women.
© 1974 Howard Leposky

Mother’s Day comes, and challenges everyone else to find something fun and economical for Mom. The holiday has become so commercialized that we tend to think of gifts that cost lots of money. Restaurant prices rise, flower prices get higher for holidays, and good chocolate is expensive (if you can even find the special chocolate you want).

Forget the commercial aspect of Mother's Day. Here’s what all members of your household can do – for Mom, for the kitchen, and for the entire house:

• Make breakfast for Mom, and then – most importantly – clean up the kitchen.

• Offer a week of doing dishes, i.e. loading the dishwasher and washing the hand-washed items.

• Pledge to pick up behind yourself in the kitchen.

• Pledge to help plan and cook family meals (includes older children as well as adult family members).

• Offer a day spent helping with yard work.

• If the household includes young children, offer a day or a night of child care to free Mom to go out without the kids.

• For school-age kids: Do homework without being asked.

• Offer to help clean house. See what needs to be done, and volunteer to do it.

• Pledge to pick up your room without being asked.

• Do the family laundry for a week.

• Feed and look after family pets for a week.

• Find out what chore Mom most hates and do it for her for a week.

• Stop yelling at Mom. Think before you scream.

• Think about additional ideas to make Mom's life easier. She will be especially grateful because the price is right.

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