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Pamper Mom with a Mother's Day makeover

Mom at the spa for a Mother's Day rejuvination
Mom at the spa for a Mother's Day rejuvination

You tell Mom she doesn’t need a makeover—after all, she’s the most beautiful woman on earth! Well, you may hear her pester and disagree. So what do you give the most beautiful woman? Give Mom what she wants: a makeover on Mother’s Day. Ideally, she’d prefer to spend this Mother’s Day with you; but, if you are unable to personally give her attention on Mother’s Day, she will still have a blast with all the pampering gift cards can buy.

It takes three steps to giving Mom a feeling of refreshing beauty:

1. Go shopping with her at her favorite store. If you need to, set up an appointment with a personal shopper to explore new looks, if she’s up for the adventure! Which mom doesn’t love to receive fashion tips to make her look like a star?

After you and mom have a blast shopping for a few hours, her feet may be tired. So, on to step two:

2. Get thee and she to the spa, and quickly! Do this ahead of time: Find a local spa and set up an appointment. When you are there, treat Mom and yourself to a relaxing massage, pedicure, manicure and facial. She’ll gush over the pampering!

You can always give mom a gift certificate for various spa treatments as well.

Now that Mom has a new outfit and is as relaxed as she can be, it’s off to makeup.

3. Head to your local department store’s beauty area for a makeover by a professional makeup artist. It might be a good idea to set up an appointment prior to getting there (just in case other moms have the same brilliant idea!).

It’s time to finish off this wonderful Mother’s day with a fine dinner for Mom, with her dressed in her fabulous new outfit, her hair, makeup and nails done impeccably and her being exceptionally relaxed after a vigorous yet gentle massage. If you cook, she’ll love it; but if you don’t, she’ll appreciate a fine night out just the same. Mom will undoubtedly feel glamorous and look the part of a queen after a day of indulgence! And, she’ll thank you for this special Mother’s Day, full of fashion that makes her feel beautiful inside and out!

Spa Space

161 North Canal Street

Chicago, IL 60606


Microdermabrasion $130

Signature Facial 60 minutes $95

Organic Fire and Ice Facial 60 minutes $135

Vanilla Almond Manicure $35

Rose Petal Pedicure $60


Michigan Avenue

55 East Grand Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611


Nordstrom Maternal Bliss Gift Card$25.00 - $1,000.00

Beauty Stylist (appointment recommended)

Personal stylist FREE


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