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A mother's courage

Mother's Courage
Mother's Courage
NBC News

Between February 28 and March 3, two storm systems developed in the U.S. that spawned close to 50 tornadoes and caused at least 52 deaths throughout the U.S. In the tri-state area, tornado activity devastated several small towns. More than nine deaths were reported.

But hope is being restored, as citizens in the thousands continue to responded to this tragedy with gallant acts of heroism. One of those individuals is Stephanie Decker, a young mother who lost her legs while saving her childrens' lives when a tornado struck Henryville, a town in southeastern Indiana, near Cincinnati.

Aware of the oncoming twister, she ran with them to their basement, where she wrapped them both in a blanket. Then she lay on top of them, providing a human shield, as the house tumbled, a steel beam crushing her limbs

She was admitted to University Hospital in Louisville, where her legs were both partially amputated. Interviewed March 6, she told the NBC Today Show that she wasn’t a hero. Her 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter, both without a scratch, stood at her bedside next to their father. All wore smiles of love, pride and gratitude.

She was released from the hospital yesterday, knowing she'll walk again with protheses.

Stephanie Decker’s act of courage is an inspiration for everyone. Her childrens’ survival was her happy ending for the horrendous ordeal she endured. Her heart guided her actions when it occurred. And I expect she’d do the same thing again, no matter what the cost.

With a mom’s humility she’s sent a message of love to the world. This is communication at its finest.


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