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A mother is something we all need

Snacks the Mini Horse picks Tapiture as the overall winner.
Snacks the Mini Horse picks Tapiture as the overall winner.
Helen Woodward Animal Center

Dogs are pack animals and have proven that they prefer to be a part of a group as opposed to being a ‘lone wolf.’ Did we ever stop to think that perhaps this feeling of need is only accentuated when puppies are pulled away from their canine mothers too early? Orphaned puppies must really feel the ache to have a mama, especially when they don’t have a human family either.

This past weekend, one puppy knew just what he had to do to get himself someone to love and to love him back; a surrogate mom of course. He made his plans and instituted them just in time for Mother’s Day!

The puppy’s name is Tapiture. It looked as if he was going to compete under the guise of #15 in the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 3rd Annual Ken-Barky Derby that took place on Saturday. As the puppies were lining up, Tapiture had other plans. He saw his opportunity and took it!

He leapt into the stands, nearly creating a major catastrophe as he did so. He somehow missed the nearly 75 schoolchildren present from Solana Santa Fe Elementary School that were present to cheer on their favorite puppy.

The two-month-old Terrier blend was much more interested in gaining attention that could potentially lead to his forever home, than to even consider safety measures. His unique strategy helped his efforts to pay off.

When Shannon Bush, the Center’s Customer Service Lead was asked about this pup’s unique method of attracting a mother, she commented, “I like his style. Let’s face it, there were 20 puppies out here today, all of them adorable, and Tapiture knew he had to do something to really stand out. The kids loved it!”

This tiny underdog became a winner as he made it into the arms of a loving forever family within an hour of the event’s finish even though he never crossed the finish line! Snacks the Mini Horse must have been aware of his misguided plan for she ultimately picked him as her favorite orphan pup contender!

Tapiture is now hoping that his fellow contenders all get to go home with a loving mommy in time for Mother’s Day. The race winners include:

· Vinceremos in 1st place

· California Chrome in 2nd Place

· Candy Boy in 3rd Place

Sometimes animals know that they have to take drastic measures in order to get the outcome that they desire. When you are young and miss your mommy, you will do what you can to get back to her or find yourself a new one – especially in time for the greatest motherly celebration of the year!

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