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A Moon Rock in Fort Lauderdale

The moon. No more than a really old rock, yet so significant to humans. The brightest rock in the sky, yet it gives of no light by itself. A rock that moves water on earth, yet have no water itself. The moon plays such a significant roll in our life’s both on a scientific, philosophic and inspirational level. ”To boldly go...” and all that.

Well, you can boldly go down town Fort Lauderdale to the library to see our very own rock of the moon. It was donated by a former Apollo 7 astronaut’s wife, Susan Eisele Black. She and her husband, astronaut Donn F. Eisele lived in Fort Lauderdale, and after he passed, she decided that this piece of the moon should be placed in the library for anyone to see and take part of our history. It was officially dedicated October 23, 2007, a date that is now proclaimed "Moon Rock Day" in Broward County.

The specimen is not big, about dime-sized, but on the other hand: No other library in U.S. has a piece of a Moon Rock! You will find it on the 6th floor and you can view it during opening hours. Check for more information.

Did you know that the moon is earth only natural Satellite? NASA has great cliff note information on the celestial body, if you want to do your research before visiting the dime sized stone, visit For some really great images, try

And to finish on an inspirational note, learn how to moonwalk your way past the stone with this tutorial:


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