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A monochromatic Valentine's Day ensemble

Monochromatic hearts in nature...why not in your wardrobe too.
Monochromatic hearts in nature...why not in your wardrobe too.
Photo- Flickr

Dressing in a monochromatic manner can be chic, sophisticated and unexpected. Not many people think about pairing garments in the same hue, so why not lay your fashion heart on the line for the holiday of love.

This Valentine’s Day play up the purples, pinks and reds seen in every store window. Wear an outfit in all pink, purple or red on your romantic date for two, or your singles’ awareness party with your gal pals. Do this, and you will look effortlessly chic.

By wearing patterned or textured garments and accessories you can add interest to these monochromatic looks. Without interest, monochromatic looks will crash and burn. Boring will come to mind instead of brilliance!

Spice up your pink sheath with a dark-pink, patent leather belt and heels. Add drama to your everyday, red oxford by paring it with a two-toned, red lace mini, and oversized chandelier earrings in a similar shade. Turn up the heat on your purple floral shirt by adding deep-purple tights and a striped top in the same hue. The key with wearing pattern-on-pattern is to keep it in the same color family.

The looks listed here are just a starting point. Use your creative eye to create looks that speak to your own personal style and taste. Remember that pattern, texture, color and shine add interest to any outfit for every occasion.