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A monkey's uncle in Cleveland?

Right here in our own backyard, another discovery has potentially turned the proposed thread of human evolution from apes on its head, or at least on its pelvis. It was reported today that Cleveland researcher Yohannes Haile-Selassie has discovered fossils that conclude that modern apes cannot be our ancestors, but rather that we both share a common ancestor further back in time, which they call Ardipithecus ramidus. If this is true, then it's time to rewrite the science books yet again. Yet in the same article, many other (Darwinist) scientists are calling the bluff, saying that the bones could be interpreted that way, but not necessarily.

Meanwhile, we have the book of Genesis, written 3500 years ago, and we haven't revised it once. God has given us His own eyewitness account, yet somehow, we consider His inerrant account less valuable than the interpretations of an observer thousands of years after the fact. If the Darwinist scientific community can't even agree that the evidence is conclusive, why should this shake our faith? The simple answer: it shouldn't. God has given us His truth, that we did not slowly branch off from another kind of creature (Genesis 1:21,24,25), but that we were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). And because we were created in the image of God, we have infinite value, such great value that God was willing to sacrifice no less than His own Son to pay for our sin.

One day, just as the truth has been revealed to us now in the Bible, the truth will be revealed to all at Jesus' coming. On that day, what we have known to be truth will be proven once and for all, and the scoffing that will undoubtedly follow in the wake of this will cease. Pray that God reveal His truth in the lives of those who choose man's wisdom over the wisdom of God.


  • Bill W. 5 years ago

    Dale - Nice article. When I read about the fossil's I thought the same thing. Its funny because the scientific community comes out with these "revelations" every few weeks that make them "rethink" all the previous conclusions - however if anyone else questioned the previous conclusions they are ridiculed as religous nuts. There is a segment of the scientific community that things its sole reason for existence is to deny a creator at all costs. Why I do not know.

  • Chiefley 4 years ago

    Actually, this is nothing new in the science of evolution. There are dozens of homids, ape, and chimpanzee species that we have found from over the last 10 million years. Some of these species even coexisted for millions of years. Since fossilization is rare, all we see is "snapshots" of what is really a kind of continuum of change. Since they are all very similar, it is hard to tell which ones are on the direct line to us, or were other branches in the tree of life.

    So this has caused us to revise our estimate of the hominid family tree many times as we find more hominid fossils that are older. The revisions are almost always like this one, where we are trying to figure out which is our descendent and which are descendent from our common ancestor farther back.

    As for Bill W's comment, the scientific community does not work to deny a creator. Quite a few Christians are evolutionary biologists. And also, 90% of the Christian world belongs to denominations whose doctrines accept modern science including the science of evolution.

    Christ's Peace

  • Chiefley 4 years ago

    I would like to add that the theory of evolution is not and was never supported by the evidence of fossils. The fossil record is consistent with the science of evolution, but the theory itself was originally derived from the study of the forms of living animals in Darwin's time.

    Since the discovery of DNA, and the development of microbiology, we now can build the tree of life of living species with almost mathematical precision. The history of the evolution of all species is contained in their DNA.

    Christ's Peace