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A Moment with Kabbalah

Ward off that evil eye, Madonna!
Ward off that evil eye, Madonna!
Photo: Associated Press


  • Thomas 6 years ago

    lol the best part is "(the universe?)". Yeah the big bang took place INSIDE the universe... Idiots. Nice article.

  • RoomMate 6 years ago

    Why don't I live in LA? I would have gone to that with you :)

  • SG 6 years ago

    I especially like the assertion that we had the Hebrew written word 4,000 years earlier than anyone thought.

  • Ross 6 years ago

    Great report of our "investigation", Carrie! When the guy called me on my cell phone to ask what I thought about our introductory session, I said, "I consider myself to be a rational person, and I'll be honest with you - it was a bunch of nonsense." He was completely unphased, and asked me why I felt that way. I mentioned that both the speaker and our "mentor" stressed that Kabbalah is consistent with science, and yet in the next breath were championing unscientific ideas like astrology and the evil eye. That, and numerous factual and historical claims that were simply false. His response was to ask me if I'd like to attend the first free course. I said maybe, but to send emails and not phone calls. I also had to remove myself from their automated text messages. Yikes.

  • greg bart 6 years ago

    Very nice job, but your little venture cries out for pictures.

  • Avistrange 6 years ago

    This is awesome, Carrie! What kills me about the relatively recent commercialization of Kabbalah is that it goes against the traditions from which Kabbalah itself stems. Historically, the tradition of Orthodox Judaism has limited who is allowed to study the teachings of the "secret keys to the Torah and subsequently to the universe" to male Jews who are 40 years old and older and who have a family. Yet, in Beverly Hills, it's available to anyone with some cash.

    While the Torah itself, wich I was forced to read growing up, is full of stories about war, bloodshed, tests of faith, sexism, justified shame and what could be considered no less than magic, it supposedly contains secrets to the origins of the universe. I guess one has to read between the lines to find all of these "secrets". Lol.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    "Oh No, Ross and Carrie!" said the Kabbalists when you two showed up.

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