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A moment a memory never to forget

The Sounds Of The Waves Brings Our Love Together

Can you recall a time where you had to endure an extremely awful and trying week. At the conclusion of this week you were able to be by the water smelling the aroma of the ocean and refreshing yourself with the drink of your choice accompanied by the single person that you love? At this moment practically nothing clouds your thoughts or your mind. You two are the only one’s there; simply just the fact the two of you are together makes everything feel good, and everything that tried you during the week is gone and all is well worth it.

There doesn’t have to be much talk, but, each and every time you look up your love gives you that well deserved smile. As you sit across from this individual having your own private thoughts, not only did this person turn your awful week to a great day as well as being able to acknowledge that they indeed love you and you wouldn’t rather be any other place but with them.

This individual, perhaps only because of having insight in knowing you had an awful week took the time to be with you; just because. At no time does this individual feel they must remedy, fix or solve your troubles or the complications you may have had to deal with. With this persons’ presence, they can without a doubt tell, from that moment every issue and the troubles have vanished and you have returned to a relaxed state of mind.

This would be an accurate description of your true love. It’s an individual that needs to say practically nothing, nonetheless, they are aware when they are near you this individual has the ability to protect you, calm you, make you feel so secure that you are sure everything will be OK.

While you observe the waves move from backwards and forwards you’re feeling such a sense of ease simply because you recognize this individual is right there with you and will always have your back. Fact of the matter is you actually in all truth would not ever want it any other way.

Pausing for a moment and thinking, wow, the waves are so relaxing you can close your eyes momentarily only to reach over and hold your mates hand. As you take a look at them, at the same time they look over at you and oh what a feeling. You recognize deeply within, this person understands you and your thoughts, feelings, and ideas not to mention this is without talking; without a doubt understanding what you may need for that moment, that day. Your love has no problem simply being present for you without ever uttering a word. As you sit together then occasionally they freshen your drink only looking at you and uttering, you will be alright. You are assured by the simple fact of realizing this individual you love, will always be by your side. Their very presence ensures you that you have made the correct and best life choice. There may have been times when you wondered how you were ever able to be without this person. With no question in your mind, you have truly discovered the meaning of a healthy relationship.

He is for you, and she is for him. Life has never felt so good. As the sea continues to roar, you look further and deeper into the ocean, your thoughts wonder about your past and oh how wonderful you feel right now at this very moment. The challenges you felt were so dreadful, and at that moment you weren’t confident you would make it through. This individual has created an atmosphere that has made you not question that everything will certainly be fine. When you feel you are arriving at your breaking point, this individual will undeniably make sure you are never alone. With all that this individual has demonstrated to you, you can only believe them because without a doubt when all else fails and your situation seems grim they come through for you each and every single time.

This individual has turned your trying week into a day with your true love, which you will simply never forget. Make sure you recognize it and embrace it, not everyone can say they have experienced that.

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