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A MMA technique a day (video) Oscar De La Hoya boxing training

Here is your mma technique of the day, some boxing training with Oscar De La Hoya. He is one of the greatest fighters in history and you can learn a lot just watching him training.

10 Thing you can do to control a fight.

There are 2 basic types of fights. Street fights, or unorganized fights and organized fights, at schools, clubs or events. There is a huge difference in the 2. In a street fight you don’t have time to make a fight plan you have to have a basic fight plan already to go before you are attacked in the street. That means that you have to have trained in class sufficiently to be ready for different types of attacks and to use effective counter attacks.

The 2nd type of fight is an organized fight, at a school, club or an event. In a ring, in a cage, or in a school, and you can and should prepare for this fight with you teacher and trainers. I won’t go into that training in this article, but I will in future articles.

Let’s look at 10 things you can do to control a fight in the street.

1.Be prepared. Be ready for anything to happen at anytime. In most street fight situations you will definitely have some idea that something is about to happen. There will be lots of warnings for anyone who is paying attention to notice. Most street fights happen quickly, but not unexpectedly. You will usually be challenged, pushed, verbally assaulted and forced to defend yourself. If you are prepared you will never be sucker punched.
2.Be aggressive. When you must defend yourself, don’t do it half heartedly, be aggressive in your defense and make you counters mean something. Don’t do anything for “points” or “style” do everything with bad intentions and do it fast and aggressively.
3.Be decisive. Don’t throw your punches and kicks to areas that won’t stop your opponent. Don’t do things just to be doing them, do things to end the fight and to stop the attack. Be decisive in your counter attacks and make them count.
4.Be first. Don’t let the attacker land the first punch or kick. Block it and be the first one to deliver a blow that can end the fight. Don’t just react, take proactive action to end the fight by being first to hit the vital areas, like the throat, groin, neck, ribs. Be the first to make something happen and make something happen that will end the fight.
5.Be aware of you surroundings. Don’t get caught in a corner, near a window or something you can be pushed out or over. Don’t get surrounded by his buddies. Don’t get caught with no possible escape routes.
6.Be evasive. Move and stick him. Don’t stand there and trade punches and kicks. Hit him and move, kick him and move, attack him and then get out. Take him down and pound him. Be evasive. Don’t get hit, do the hitting.
7.Be smart. Don’t do stupid things. Don’t throw fancy kicks and ridiculous punches that have no power or chance to end the fight, Make every punch and kick count. Be smart in where you attack and how you attack it. Don’t do looping punches, throw punches in bunches, and consecutive kicks to vital areas.
8.Be precise. Don’t just go wild throwing crazy punches and kick. Be precise in you attacks and targets. One good punch or kick can end the fight, whereas 50 poor punches and kicks will do nothing but get you tired and give him confidence.
9.Be relaxed. A fight is not the time to panic, but to control your emotions, control your breathing and get the job done. Remember the other guy will probably not have any conditioning and if you can defend yourself intelligently and with control for only a minute or two, he will usually be punched out, out of wind and easy to defeat. Relax, but be aggressive and ready to take advantage the instant he shows a weakness.
10.Be in control. Learn how to hold and control. You can learn some great wrist locks, joint locks and control techniques from your teacher and use these to control the situation and effectively stop the fight. If you put a great wrist lock or joint lock, or choke on the attacker, you can hold him for as long as you need to calm him down and keep him subdued until help comes, or you feel assured if you let him go he will not continue the fight. Don’t let him go unless you are sure he realizes he will be in great danger if he tries something again. If you do a hard wrist lock, you can do significant damage to his wrist and he won’t be able to fight. If you break his elbow, or damage his shoulder, he wont’ be able to continue the fight. If you choke him unconscious, he won’t wake up and be aggressive, he will wake up and be quite calm. You should learn some great control techniques and practice them in the gym or club in realistic situations.

To summarize if you will learn these 10 things and make them second nature. You can control most situations in a street fight and you will win a lot more fights. Be prepared and be ready and you will always have a much great opportunity for success.

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