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A MMA technique a day (video) kicking combinations

Here is your mma technique of the day, some nice kicking combinations. The guy doing them has a lot of speed and a lot of power, but he clearly telegraphs all his kicks and leaves himself completely open for a take down after the kicks, and that is precisely why fancy kicking combinations do not work in the mma ring. 

If you are taking karate and learning your great kicking combinations, you must understand 2 things. One: they will break your foot in the street. And two: they don't work in the mma ring. It is very hard to kick a brick wall and not break your foot and a person's head feel like a brick wall when you kick in barefoot in the mma ring. A front snap is a great great kick, until you get it blocked and break you toes. A spinning head jumping kick looks great but just won't work in the mma ring and the kicks that do hit the head are almost always thrown from the back foot to the side of the jaw, not the head.

If is important to remember when you learn your kicks that they very effective against someone who does not know how to fight. The modern karate tournament kickers are so fast you literally can't see the kicks coming or going, and they seem to have some nice power, but most of them are show kicks and would not hurt your opponent in a street fight. 

The Japanese karate styles (which we have a black belt in  for 46 years) do very low powerful kicks and these are used in the mma ring and can break your legs and your ribs and destroy your knees, and this is what you need to concentrate on. The great Matt Hughes just beat one of the Gracie's who is so great on the ground, but this time he didn't get a single chance to work the ground game, because he has a broken leg. And U. Faber just lost his last fight with a very badly damaged leg kick. Keep your kicks low and powerful. The high ones are for demo's not the mma ring.


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