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A MMA technique a day (video) escapes from rear naked choke

Here is your mma technique of the day, an escape from a rear naked choke. This is a very nice escape, but the guy talks way too much and shows way too little in technique. And that is an important point. Some martial arts teachers think they are high school English teachers and want to explain everything in great detail. And that is not necessary. Just show the technique and help them with the technique. And here is a great way for you to learn to teach technique and not lecture.

Don't talk, or don't speak English. Just make up words and show the technique and then help the students learn the technique. We do that all the time and it is great training for the students and the teacher. We have attended many a seminar with a teacher who did not speak English and we learned just great, because he shows the technique in great detail and then came by and demonstrated it with us individually to make sure we had it right.

You can teach much more effectively if you learn to teach by demonstration and hands on training, rather then lecturing and explaining. We remember one teacher, who shall remain nameless, who during a 1 hour class talked for 53 minutes and we did actual technique for 7 minutes. We didn't learn anything  from the class except how to sit on our knees for 1 hour and endure the pain. What's the moral of this story, shut up and teach. 


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