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A MMA technique a day (video) Chuck Liddell doing focus mitt and Thai pad combination training

Here is your mma technique of the day,   Chuck Liddell doing focus mitt and Thai pad combination training. This is some great stuff and you can learn a lot from the video. So if you want to get better with your combinations in boxing and Thai boxing you need to know this. Watch Chuck moves his hits and snap his punches and just as importantly watch is head.

It is important to note that Liddell never picks his head up, or chin up. He keeps his chin down on all the techniques, unlike so many people who seem to want to look at the strikes and kicks and leave their chin exposed. He also keeps his guard up. When he throws one punch or kick, he always keeps his other hand up to cover his chin or his face. And last but not least. He breathes on every punch and kick. 

Too many fighters do not understand the importance of the breath and not holding it when they punch and kick. Every time he punches and kicks he breathes and makes a loud grunt. This does several things. One, it gives his body a fresh supply of air and the muscles fresh air. If you hold your breath the muscles will soon become oxygen deprived and you will lose your power and focus. And two, breathing out and grunting keeps his muscles tight. You can not have tight muscles when you are breathing in. You can not take a punch in the ribs or stomach when you are breathing in. You can only tighten your muscles when you are exhaling or breathing out.  And if you rely on holding the breath to keep tight muscles, you will soon get winded and lose your power and focus.

Watch and learn and more importantly study when you look at these mma techniques of the day, you will improve a lot more when you study and learn, rather than just watch them for entertainment.

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