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A miracle is needed by Friday to save 16 dogs at Marion County Animal Shelter

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Paws to the Rescue was founded in 2006 by Jen Nall. PTTR was awarded a contract to manage the Marion County Animal Shelter in 2008. The shelter,located in Mullins, South Carolina, is in a race against time to save more than a dozen dogs from being euthanized.

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Paws to the Rescue is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit animal organization founded in 2006 by Jen Nall. In 2008, PTTR was awarded a contract to manage the Marion County Animal Shelter. Their goal is to save as many animals as possible from euthanasia.

This organization doesn't see euthanasia as a legitimate form of population control, focusing instead on networking, teaching the community how spay/neuter can control the overpopulation problem, and eventually transforming the shelter into a No-Kill facility.

Unfortunately, this all takes money. Without funds, the dogs pictured in this slideshow are set for euthanasia Friday morning. Paws to the Rescue is doing all they can to avoid killing these beauties. Please put their name and animal identification number in any email directed to the shelter.

132018 Trixie
132076 Harold
132083 Sandra
132154 Raphael
140183 Trouble
140187 Hummingbird
140242 Zippy
140299 Midnight
140339 Patrick
140369 Rusty
140427 Nova
140435 2nd Chance
140438 Tessie
140509 Greer
140713 Reggie
140869 Tarzan

Running a shelter properly and effectively, however, does not come cheaply. There are many expenses that must be incurred to operate a shelter. Food, medication, supplies, payroll and insurance just to name a few.

Paws to the Rescue and the Marion County Animal Shelter are in desperate need of financial assistance. The payroll alone is approximately $3,000 per week. That includes the salary of the shelter director and staff to maintain the facilities and care for the animals.

Their county budget for one year is only $53,000. The rescue must come through support by animal lovers like you.

A donation webpage can be found by clicking here. The adoption donation can also be made either via check or Paypal. The mailing address is 123 Dog & Cat Ct, Mullins, SC 29574. To use Paypal, send payment to

If you're interested in saving the life of one of these precious dogs, contact information is listed below. Paws to the Rescue has a strict adoption process, which enables the dog or cat to be matched to the perfect home.

Their Facebook page can be found by clicking here.

Interested in adopting a dog from our shelter?
Please email
Interested in rescuing a dog?
Please email
Interested in rescuing or adopting a kitty?
Please email

You can contact their adoption coordinator at for dogs ( for cats) and ask for an adoption application. The completed application can be emailed or it can be faxed to 206-203-4767.

Please share these dogs with friends, especially those in the Marion County, South Carolina area. If you can't adopt, think about supporting this group financially. Since this is a 501c3, any donations are tax deductible.