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A mind-boggling opinion piece slamming animal activists and rescuers

On Saturday, a mind-boggling opinion piece, which takes aim at animal activists and "rescue dogs," was published by Paul Mulshine in

A drop in the bucket - a few of the dogs killed this week
Pat Gregoire
Rescue dogs a misnomer?
P Eims

Mulshine ponders the uproar over puppy mills - why do these commercial dog-breeding operations upset people? Mulshine believes that the dogs created at these operations go on to live "pampered" lives, so why is there an issue with them?

He fails to mention the deplorable conditions found at puppy mill operations...the stacked wire cages where urine and feces can fall on the bodies of the dogs below...the lack of veterinary care...the squalor that dogs are forced to live, and die in.

Mulshine expresses dismay that people are upset that the dogs at these facilities are being treated "like animals."

But wait...there's more.

Mulshine turns his attention to rescue agencies - apparently believing that they are all in it for the money, and implying that there is actually a shortage of dogs to be found to "rescue" so rescue agencies are being forced to "import" dogs from other countries.

He refers to animal rescuers as "traffickers" stating:

That points to the real problem with the attack on dog breeders and pet stores, which have been banned from selling dogs in many major cities. Under the guise of reducing the population of unwanted dogs, the traffickers are eliminating competition.

It is easy to spot an individual who has never been involved in the heartbreaking business of animal rescue - those people who do not see the daily lists from animal control agencies of dogs who are "to be killed" and the gut-wrenching word "gone," when help did not come in time.

Mulshine seems to believe that animal rescuers are only in it for the money - that they they are all "selling" the dogs to make a quick buck.

Mulshine needs to stop reading hand-picked reports which support his skewed view and put himself into the midst of true animal rescuers so that he can understand the overwhelming problem this nation has with homeless pets.

Note: Slideshow includes photos of some of the dogs who were killed this week because homes and/or rescue agencies were not found in time. These dogs were from just two animal control agencies and the slideshow does not include the staggering number of dogs who actually lost their life.

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