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A metaphysical thought on competition as a blessing

Do your work with your whole heart
Do your work with your whole heart
/ Hubbard

Blessings create prosperity and abundance in our lives and it is the desire of many to live a blessed life. It is written that behind the power of each blessing is the power of multiplication. To be blessed is a good thing and we all possess the power to bless. The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive and it is impossible to out give God. All blessings begin as a state of mind. The competition brings its own very special and unique gift to the universe and so do you. The competition can provide the stimulus to do the same things better, perhaps faster and maybe more cost effective or green(not cheap, there is a difference, lol) to the world. The fact is, it is all energy. Competitive thoughts have the energy to propel you forward or to tear you down. Only you have the choice to view the competition as a blessing or a curse. Spiritually everything in life is a blessing metaphysically it is up to the individual to look beyond appearances and embrace the blessings. One reason to embrace the competition is that it isn't necessary for you to "reinvent the wheel". For example look at the simple invention of the wheel. Take some time in the future and look at the resourcefulness of the wheel. How many wheels are in your home? Your office? How many wheels are on your person? Are you wearing a watch or sitting in a chair that rolls. There are unlimited uses for a wheel. It started as a simple circle. What if the caveman decided to limit the imagination? Are you limiting your imagination by stagnating on thoughts of what the competition is doing? Perhaps it is time to reinvent yourself!

Instead of cursing the competition bless them for the impetus to move forward. There is abundance for everyone and Emily Dickinson in one of my favorite quotes reminded us to "dwell in the possibilities". Pick something and perfect it. Perfection is attained through practice and if too much time is spent looking outside the window, not enough time is spent working on perfecting oneself from within. Try it. For the next 21 hours or 21 days, depending on how committed you are, pick a situation or subject you would like to see improved in your life. Write it down. explore the possibilities. As often as possible see yourself perhaps in some type of meditation achieving your desired outcome. Each time you criticize or complain that something is wrong, clear that thought and begin to think again. If someone you are with begins to criticize or complain, clear that as well. remain focused. Every moment is an opportunity to start over! If the competition, co workers or your significant other seem to trouble you, take the time to go within. meditate. Some folks don't the recognize the competitive nature of relationships and miss the valuable lessons they are presenting.

As you begin to visualize your success the Universe will intercede assisting you to fine tune your focus. As the image becomes clearer divine ideas begin to flow. Emerson wrote in "Self Reliance" about the ability to "trust ones self". This ability is awakened through meditation. What you think you want may not be what is best for your highest self. In meditation it is possible to "check in" with a higher consciousness.

Practice seeing whatever the situation is unattached. Be the observer. Send love and release any negative attachments and work on yourself. No words are necessary. As a matter of fact the less that is spoken of the subject and or situation, to others possibly the better. It has been said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Another persons view points or analysis of your goals to be paved with "good intentions". Napoleon Hill said tell the world what you intend to do but show it first. Have you ever shared your desires and them never seemed to come to fruition?

Meditate upon which you wish to see manifest. The time wasted analyzing others is much better utilized analyzing yourself. Especially avoid conversations with people and situations that dwell in the negative. Cultivate the spiritual faculty of discernment. Effective listening is very revealing. Slow down enough to really hear. No thing is better to lead you to prosperity than that still small voice from within. Each of us is unique and gifted in our ability to manifest. Watch and pray. meditate. Metaphysically each negative thought word or action repels good positive vibes and attracts its own likeness. Are your thoughts of love and abundance or do you dwell in lack and/or limitation? Change the thought and change the outcome.

Someone decided a simple circle could roll. Someone else decided to "roll" with that idea. And the simple circle became a catalyst of infinite possibilities. dwell in the possibilities.

Think about it, the clock begins ticking are on a roll

Release: Nothing outside of me directs my thoughts.

Affirm: I dwell in infinite possibilities as I awaken to the unlimited potential of my mind.

and so it is

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