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A metaphysical perspective on the rain Matthew 18:3

This is considered the rainy season and while some folks dread the afternoon showers they are really blessing. The Bible says in Matthew 18:3 "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." As a child I remember getting excited for the rain, either I was prepared and got to wear that shiny coat with the cool rubber boots and awesome umbrella (kinda like Mary Poppins only much smaller) or if I was really lucky I got caught in it. Wet drops of liquid sunshine falling from the sky. I would always pray for puddles to appear with no way around so I could splash in them always aiming for the middle hoping it was deep enough to reach my little ankles but not too deep. The grownups would always panic and yell "look out" or "run so you don't get wet". Somehow it seemed no fun for them.sighs. Maybe they forgot just how fun and spiritual the rain is.

Then I grew up...wait a minute...when did that happen? geez. I am now one of "them". Panicky and perhaps somewhat perplexed with the thought of another rainy day my mind would too often make minor inconveniences like traffic into major discomforts. Then the thought occurred to me, I don't have to panic! no need to fret.. Annie sang about this. The sun will come out again. I can dance in this ran. So I did. I danced! Fully clothed no raincoat no umbrella not even in my fabulous designer rain boots with the big polka dots. I laughed and even shed a tear, the rain was gracious and washed away any fears or concerns. The tears were unrecognizable and then it happened the clouds parted for a brief moment and the sun peaked out to kiss my face and smile at me. I smiled back in gratitude for life. I danced in the rain and it washed all the tears away..and it felt so good a deep down spiritual good. Metaphysically, rain represents Spirit refreshing and enriching our thoughts and our mind. The rain can represent a spiritual cleansing of negativity thereby creating a space for manifestation of abundance and prosperity.

Sometimes as adults we get into a state of mind while attaining and maintaining adult responsibilities where we forget to honor the inner child. The inner child is that part of us that is innocent, and unassuming. The inner child is inquisitive, imaginative and dreams unabashedly about life. That inner child looks just like you and perhaps has been hurt, disappointed and maybe has been told it's simply not ok to play in the rain. She may have forgotten how to dream and is just waiting to be acknowledged. Does your inner child need permission to play? permission granted!

Go play in the rain its just what we may need to grow spiritually! (of course be safe and follow all the precautions that are stored in your grown up subconscious) can't let go? then at least smile at the rain. its a start.. be happy

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