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A Message from Mother Earth and the Universe

A Message from Mother Earth and the Universe

Each morning you will always find me out walking enjoying my surroundings … being at peace within…connecting to Mother Earth and…sending my prayers of gratitude for all things big and small… This is the time I open myself to the energies and send your prayer requests unto Gods hands…

Over the past couple of weeks here in Maryland, we as many others have been given a large amount of snow more than we have seen here in many years… Such a refreshing time…but one also of total isolation… Being disconnected from the world as we know it…being disconnected from family, friends, work, a routine that many have come to just see as a right not a privilege.

A time when many are going through processes of energy and just need the time to just be… I have talked about it before… a time when we are here, to do that which we have chosen to do and we have come away from all that for one reason or another. As we go through that process of negating all that is before us, turning our backs so to say, to what we know needs to be done…… Spirit then takes us off our feet. This happened to me many many years ago…a time when I was being called to stand up and do what I am here to do…I too, knew it deep within my heart, mind and body…and at the same time found my hands full of what I call society…the demands that society gives to us that allows no room for error or being accepted in who you are. A time when if you even breathed about the work that I do would of placed me further in the constructed verbal battles with others along the way. So why even try and who did I exactly think I was anyway? Yes, I have been given all that I need, no doubt there… yes, I had been guided for eons with all of this, okay I acknowledge it… I had been given an opportunity to assist where I can and what did I do? I chose to go in that direction but I also allowed society to dictate how it was going to be done.

I then fell and twisted, detached ligaments, broke bones, severed joints…you name it and that is how you can describe my foot and ankle…I was given a non-walking cast for nine months….nine long months to look at why I was not moving forward in who I was… and I had to look at the trust level I had with myself and Spirit. Which I had never doubted…I just refused to see it totally their way. For those months I sat and learned so much more than before . I gave over total faith to those in Spirit with me and followed everything they were giving to me. Respecting and growing more in love with who I am and those in Spirit than I even thought was possible. I learned the three keys to human growth and enlightment. I learned what love truly was all about… my true relationship with God….. After those nine months I then started to put together what I believed was there for me, I opened a school, taught young children, become involved with all denominations of religious communities, went to school for my Master Degree and so much more that I could find, all that I was being guided to do. I was happy with my life but there was something still missing…what was it that I was just not getting… The Blessed Mother once again came to me and said it was time…Time? I thought this was the time…I worked every day and night giving up and over eighty hours a week of time to do my work. I gave to all those I met and assisted in every way I could think of… And then she showed me again how I still had something else here to do that I was not giving myself credit for, that I was not walking my true path….

I then made the choice to close down my school how heart breaking and at the same time it felt so right. Yes…I was teaching but I was not teaching what I was here to teach and I knew it, I just did not want to acknowledge it before.

It was the last trip of unloading everything from the school, I had just dropped of friends who helped me all night and I drove up to a traffic light and stopped. I looked into my rear view mirror and BAM….a white light and then I was sitting on top of a mountain talking…talking about everything to be done and how happy I was… I was with my father, mother and family…seeing Mother Earth and what was going on, expressing my views on what could be worked out… when I realized that I was not on Mother Earth I was viewing her from somewhere else… I place that I always knew I was and at the same time a place that I was not to be as I had a psychical life on Mother Earth…I turned to see Jeshua sitting beside me talking about millions of things to come for Earths humanity…it was one of the most surreal moments that it is etched into my memory as I re-live each moment. I had been in my van, I looked up and saw this explosion of light and then here I am back home talking like I have never left… that time spent with Jeshua is very personal and beautiful…being in that energy of pure love…never wanting to be anywhere else…talking about everything that I had lived through and experienced and at the same time seeing so much more to come…Talking about my family, my work and what I had come to Mother Earth to do…What the energies where like and what would be going on for the next millennium….and making that decision to stay right there or leave and go back….for to stay would bring about different probabilities to my friends, family and the world, those with whom I had contracts with to see them to where they needed to be…. to be awoken in their accurate alignment, their true life journey. That which they too… had to give to the world.

To leave and go back… would bring about the path that I had contracted out to do… to finish what I am to do. So much emotions and at the same there was none, for deep within you know there is not really a choice when you see it all before you. You are so filled with the life force energy… the same energy of love as when you contracted out to come unto the Planet of Earth to begin with… just as before you still have no feelings of negate, hurt or pain…You then stand to say let’s do it.

As I came back unto my physical body, I had any things in which to do and at the same time there was many physical changes…ohhh…not so much that you could see on the outside but inside, yes…my whole core was damaged. My words could not be spoken and my mind had so many revelations that I needed to get them out, but with no speech I was once again entombed within my own body with nowhere to go….

Doctors said there was nothing to be done and sent me home...I did not take that for an answer as I began to teach myself how to write all over again, how to talk , to read and spell…good grief I had to teach myself all over how to spell cat and dog… and more importantly the meaning of words…comprehension.

Comprehension on many levels… this is what I find is the greatest lesson to learn in all of this that we live each day, comprehend what is given… not what is wanted…it is not about self… it is to love self but not be in love with self….Understanding the knowledge that each living being is learning ...the knowledge that is right there in front of you if you give yourself the time to allow it to come in…to seep into the mind and be a fact in which to receive what is being delivered to you every second with each breath you take. Sitting back how does this apply to you ? How does this make sense to you, for in everything you do… you too have experienced the same thing…You too have been taken off your feet to understand the knowledge that is being handed right to you…Do you see it? And the bigger question is are you ready to see and know it ?

So after all this, let’s take a look at what we as a collective whole are not comprehending in our world right now…

As we look at the abundant amount of snowfall we have been experiencing here in the states. I find it fascinating how a whole state let alone many others that over this past year had been taken off its feet in one way or another.

We can say that many have been complaining about their life and needed time to themselves to be alone to just look at things and have breathing room to think…Okay done…the snow left you inside off your feet for just that…What did you get done? Did you enjoy your time with your family? How about the time with yourself? What did you get done? Did you enjoy how Mother Earth gave to you the time you had been asking for? Did you put your feet? Did you get work done that you had been putting off for so long? What was it that you accomplished during that time?

Don’t you see…Everything you place out into the Universe comes back, that is why many of you like to hear and say the saying “be careful of what you ask for” because you never know how it comes back to you, do you? When we place things out into the Universe it comes back to us, how do we accept what is given back to us?

The creation of thought is like the light which escapes even the naked eye, it transforms and is in the thought stream of the Universe as it is being formulated into the mind of your thoughts before it is even placed in the Universe. So when you actually acknowledge that thought, it has already gone into action. Now you just have to catch up to that thought pattern to be in action as it presents itself back to you. I will always ask you” Are you ready?” Are you ready for everything that you placed out into the Universe with every thought you have, every thought that is being formulated from you?

So step back and look at your thoughts right now, what is it that you are placing out and around you …out into the Universe. For as you do it is be transformed into that which you are creating it to be. And along with this comes your responsibility to that thought form. It is why will hear me and so many others say keep your thoughts that which is love and see how it comes back to you. Why of course all that which is love. No matter what it is you are working on, what you are doing if it is in the intention of Love it will come back to you in love.

Right now we on Mother Earth have so many mixed emotions and as that is placed within the Universal thought forms it is coming back to us in those thought forms. Do you see this? Much tension around the world, much emotional tensions and unanswered questions circulating and all of it has been coming back.

So yes, many can look at this snow amount as a cleansing; the purity of snow is the purity of the heart in which all actions are decreed. And at the same time it is also that which is needed to be seen on all levels of what it is all about. We were given and will keep being given amounts of Mother Nature that is what is being asked for..In the snow it is the multilayers of self, snow accumulates in layers …so too is the emotions in which we hold onto. When we receive rain it is the washing of all that we hold within for rain continues in waves, what are you emotional highs and lows? And when we have ice it is to what we have hardened ourselves to within our hearts, what emotions do we associate with ice? It is the emotional freezing of love, for do we truly believe we are loved in all the ways we seek?

So as we venture this year into the emotions of what is going on around us the weather does reflect all of this back to us. It reflects that which we have placed out into the Universe and the Universe says “ so be it”.

When we ask for time, many do not think beyond asking for time. When we ask for love many do not think beyond what love is and when we ask for something for ourselves, many do not even know what that could be.

So if you believed you were held hostage during this time of huge amounts of snow fall so far this year, think of all the times you have held yourself hostage with your emotions. Allow the time to give to yourself to look at your emotions, for the Universe is giving you the time you have asked for. Use it to the best of your ability to free yourself, free yourself from the emotional bondage you have been holding onto. Free your emotions to truly live the life you keep dreaming. Comprehend the message that is waiting right there for you and accept that which lies within… is a reflection of that which waits for you.

No one likes to be taken off their feet, and this snow that we have all been experiencing is doing just that. Look for where you can enjoy your time, get things done, and connect emotionally in ways that you have held off for so long just waiting until the right time, for when is the right time? And most of all just relax.

There is nowhere to go until you get it…get it?

See you in the Universe of thoughts and freedom to love like never before….

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Linsalata

All Rights reserved 2010© Adele Linsalata , Angelic Wise Ones


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