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A Message for America's young people


  • trinalin 6 years ago

    Hear hear. It's frustrating that our young people are assumed to be stupid (and gullible) by the media. I work with young men and women on a daily basis and I see that our future will be in good hands if they aren't brainwashed to think so little of themselves before they get to be our future.

  • Lilly 6 years ago

    Excellent column. I hope that your readers--faculty and students alike--will recognize the exceedingly salient points you've made here, and I applaud your courage and tenacity in alerting them to how prejudicial their attitudes--even if unconscious--may truly be!

    (And if they don't get it, I can only suggest referring them to Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." If it hasn't been banned at your school, of course. ;)

  • Amen 6 years ago

    All very true, kids who believe in the ideology of television have very damaged intellects, so much so that they are actually able to love the slavery imposed on them from above. Excellent article, bookmarked for ideas for a paper I'm doing.

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