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A Message for America's young people

Photo Courtesy of University of Findlay

       Young people are stupid.
       This is a known fact, which is why the media has to tell American youth what they should like.
    Without television and Internet, young people would not know what shows to watch or what music to listen to.
    The Jonas brothers are Christian so they must be good singers.  Miley Cyrus is good looking so people will pay to hear her sing.
    And always remember, kiddies, actors and musicians are not good looking unless Uncle Sam says so—although in his old age he seems to be getting color blind.
    He remembers the good old days when only white people called the shots. Any problems the nation is having now must be from the increased influence of these other races because they have undesirable traits and bad habits.
    Black women suck their teeth when they are angry and wear weaves because they all own beauty shops. Black men are dangerous and need to be locked up because they might want to date our white daughters.
    Asians are intelligent overachievers who we should all be secretly jealous of.
    Mexicans are trying to steal the jobs of hardworking Americans. Seeking a better life for their children is just a trick to get us to sympathize with them. They just want to take over our country by taking our jobs.
    Not just our jobs, but other races are polluting our precious Christianity--the best religion in the world.
    This, by the way, is why we love to go to other countries and talk about it. There is no better way to spend a weekend than enlightening a poor heathen about our Lord and Savior.
    We need to make sure these other races do not try to keep their own culture because only American culture mixes well with Christianity. Forget about all men being created equal because that only applies to whites.
    Our Founding Fathers were all white after all, and did not father any biracial children with their female slaves.
    We do need to do something about all of these young people being exposed to other religions. We do not want them getting any funny ideas. Especially dangerous are Muslims, who think they should be allowed to build their own houses of worship.
    The nerve of Muslims--wanting to build mosques near freeways, reading their silly Quran in its original language of Arabic.
    The bible is a million times better even though we cannot articulate why to non-Christians.
    Young Americans are soooooo lucky that their country cares so much for them. Since their parents pay for their college education they can spend all the money they want without going into debt.
    If they cannot afford to pay for college because mommy and daddy can’t afford it then they don’t deserve to go to college.
    It is up to the rich minority to put the underprivileged in their place.
    Serving the rest of America at fast food restaurants is best for them because they are too stupid to do anything else.


  • trinalin 5 years ago

    Hear hear. It's frustrating that our young people are assumed to be stupid (and gullible) by the media. I work with young men and women on a daily basis and I see that our future will be in good hands if they aren't brainwashed to think so little of themselves before they get to be our future.

  • Lilly 5 years ago

    Excellent column. I hope that your readers--faculty and students alike--will recognize the exceedingly salient points you've made here, and I applaud your courage and tenacity in alerting them to how prejudicial their attitudes--even if unconscious--may truly be!

    (And if they don't get it, I can only suggest referring them to Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." If it hasn't been banned at your school, of course. ;)

  • Amen 5 years ago

    All very true, kids who believe in the ideology of television have very damaged intellects, so much so that they are actually able to love the slavery imposed on them from above. Excellent article, bookmarked for ideas for a paper I'm doing.

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