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“A Memorable Steak”

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Finding a good steakhouse can be difficult when you are traveling. Temecula, California, known for having over 50 wineries,
the Vail Ranch Steakhouse. This steakhouse equals some of the best in Las Vegas.

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Although Temecula is a small town, the Vail Ranch Steakhouse stands out. Entering the restaurant, the enormous dry aging room offers views of the different cuts of meats.

Guillermo Resendiz, the General Manager, explained, “We are probably the only steakhouse within a 50 miles radius that ages beef on-premise. Most of the other restaurants purchase their meats already aged.

Only prime beef can be aged because the process requires more marbling. The flavor comes from the fat.

The aging takes 28 days. We walk into the meat locker and place the meat on one of the three shelves. The first shelf indicates that the meat has been aged for 7-14 days. When that time is completed the meat is moved to the second shelf indicating the time for the completion of 21 days. They move the meat to the 28-day shelf in the back when it is ready to be cut.

Aging for 28-36 days makes meat more flavorful and very tender. We call it a robust taste.

During our wet aging process, the meat sits in a bag with all of the natural juices sealed with the blood. This breaks down the connectivity of the meat and enhances the flavor.

We wet-age our prime top sirloin, filet magnon and Black & Bleu ribeye steaks. Our customers can decide whether they prefer either dry or wet aged ribeye steaks.”

If you are not impressed with the Vail Steakhouse aging room, just wait until you take a bite of the exceptionally large, juicy steak!

You choose from 18-20 ounce ribeye steaks, 16-18 New York, 8-11 ounce center-cut Black Angus filet Mignon and the 16 ounce thick cut Prime Angus top sirloin.

My ribeye was memorable, a dinner to relax and savor the tenderness.

The Black and Blue Ribeye is rubbed with Cajun spices and toped with melted blue cheese. Ask for any of your steaks to be prepared with any of their sauces.

Their spicy Kobe meat loaf combines the two flavors of beef and pork. It is baked with bacon for five hours then chipotle sauce is added.

Vail Steakhouse is reminiscent of the early supper clubs with their piano and complimentary nightly entertainment. For information, call (950)-694-1475.

Veil Ranch Steakhouse is located at 27600 Jefferson Avenue, Temeula California.