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A meal with broccoli stalks

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 08: Broccoli bread is displayed at the Experimental Food Society Exhibition
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Broccoli stalks are known to hold more nutrients and mineral in the stalk. Most times, they are cut off and discarded into the trash. However, they can be used in preparation for a better meal to enhance the nutritional value and the usage of them. They can be sliced thinly to be considered in a stir-fry dish to garnish and to be eaten in a meal with other vegetables. As well as soups or salads to be eaten in preparation for a meal, with slicing off the outer skin that can be tougher in taste then the florets. They then can be added to a dish for rich flavor and benefits.

The El Paso, TX grocery stores to farmer markets offer locally grown foods to the community. Most of the broccoli's are sold as the floret and with the thick heavy stalk all in one. Look for the whole piece, for at time just the floret of the broccoli can be sold with the broccoli stalk removed. A start can now begin with, instead of throwing them out now they can be added with a purpose. If not able to use at that time store in refrigerator and can search out recipes to help, incorporate in a mealtime at a later time. Moreover, thinking of adding more green to a meal remembering it can be done with introducing broccoli stalks that can then add minerals and nutrients hidden in the stalk of the broccoli.

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