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A matter of perseverance

Life is like a path; rough and bumpy at times, smooth during others.
Life is like a path; rough and bumpy at times, smooth during others.

Living the example

When was the last time you sat down with your children and talked to them about the importance of never giving up? Every child needs encouragement to persevere, despite life's circumstances. When they understand commitment to their life and hard work opens doors of possibility, they will be much less likely to give up and quit when things don't go the way they expected them to.

West TN native, Phyllis Polk knows what it means to persevere. Polk went from living on the streets, to finding her way back to living a healthy, happy life again. Even though she has faced surmounting brick walls and seemingly hopeless situations, Polk has managed to keep an upbeat positive attitude. Even at age 51, she manages to keep an ambitious spirit, and was recently awarded with an Angel Award.

How to teach your child to persevere

The first step of educating your child is teaching them what it means to persevere. They have to know that when things go bad, they can't give up and succomb to the heartache. They have to keep pushing forward, keeping moving ahead; most importantly, they must learn to never give stop until they reach every one of their goals in life.

After you lay a foundation of what it means to persevere, explain the importance of why they should never quit. There is an old saying "Quitters never win, and winners never quit" that is so true and applicable. Your children have to be taught that the only way they will become successful in their own life is when they continue to push on, no matter what.

Finally, explain the benefits of perseverance. Children tend to think in terms of rewards vs. punishment. When they can comprehend that persevering in life leads to many great rewards, they will be more likely to embrace the concept.

What you can do to encourage your perseverance in your child

The best way to teach your child any valuable lesson is to lead by example. Don't give up in your own life as a parent. Be aware every day of changes you could make to improve your circumstance. Be open to better possibilities in your life. Be willing to change what is necessary in order to receive the reward you seek.

When your child can see the example of your own perseverance, they will understand it without having to be told verbally what you are doing. Your life will be an example they can use as a measuring stick for their own.

Quick summary:

  • Explain to your child what it means to persevere.
  • Use real-life examples of people you know.
  • Let your child see you being persistent in setting and acheiving goals in your own life.



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