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A marvelous Estee Lauder make-over at sea for formal night on the Ruby Princess

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It was a designated formal night on board the Ruby Princess during a five-day roundtrip cruise from Fort Lauderdale and they were offering free Estee Lauder make-overs in the boutique. Who could resist. Certainly not the hundreds of women on board this Princess/American Heart Association theme Cruising for a Cause. I raced to the shop to sign up and lucked out. I made an appointment for 6:30 p.m. so I would be all ready for a 7 o’clock cocktail party in Vines and a sumptuous dinner in the Michelangelo dining room.

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The boutique was packed with shoppers and females waiting for either Wilma, from Estee Lauder New York, or Jessica to make them look pretty for the occasion. Wilma is a fascinating woman who travels the world doing make-overs and consultations at various Estee Lauder counters. Jessica is stationed in Fort Lauderdale at the Estee Lauder company. Both showed off an amazing talent to turn faces into works of art while bringing out their customer’s natural beauty.

Their Estee Lauder makeup applications were almost magical as they transformed their subjects. You would think since it was complimentary they would hurry it up. But each woman took her time giving their charges lots of TLC, yours truly included.

I showed up in my velvet ruby-colored gown ready and eager, but a little apprehensive. I’ve had my makeup done before and sometimes it just doesn’t turn out the way I want. This was a major exception (see the slideshow). Everyone complimented me afterward, especially the person who counts the most, my husband Richard who really loved the look. This from a man who always says, “You don’t need makeup.”

While the makeup artists were obviously talented, the products truly impressed. I hadn’t used Estee Lauder makeup for sometime but will now. Check out all the luscious products here: