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A Marshmallow Peeps Movie and TV Series is in the Works

Peeps candy has been around since 1952
Peeps candy has been around since 1952
Punch Dunk Critics

There's a movie about those disgusting marshmallow Peeps on the way. Actually, it's more than that. There's a possible TV series about the sugary horrors in the works, too. Why not just merge it with Cadbury Creme Eggs for one totally unpalatable combination?

Deadline has the story, saying Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, Underdog) has picked up the film and TV rights to the candies, which generally get real popular right around this time of year when many cities host their own Peeps diorama contests. The Washington Post just held their own contest, with the winner creating a sugary black and white diorama of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Pretty crazy that this is what people are doing with their Peeps, but anything would be better than eating them!

Rifkin plans on setting the film on the eve before one of these diorama contests, and will follow a lost Peep who must adventure through other fantasy dioramas to get back to his own before the contest starts. The script will be written by Rifkin, whose hopes is for this to be a family-friendly epic in the mold of The LEGO Movie. Rifkin will also try to work in some other intellectual properties just as 'LEGO' did, but whether that means toys, movies, or just more candy is unclear. Maybe we'll get a Mr. Goodbar cameo?