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A marriage matchmaking office has been opened by the Islamic State

Amidst the total chaos in Syria and Iraq the Islamic State (IS) which has been making dramatic advances across these countries has found the time to invest in marriage. Islamic State jihadists have opened up a marriage bureau reported The Telegraph on July 28, 2014. The Islamic State, which is said to advocate public stoning for adultery, has opened up a marriage bureau to help women who have a desire to marry its fighters in territory which they control in war torn Syria and Iraq.

Iraqis displaced by the fighting
Iraqis displaced by the fighting
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the jihadist group's office has been operating from Al-Bab, which is a town in Aleppo province of northern Syria. The office is designated as being for single women and widows who are interested in marrying IS fighters. Interested women are being asked to provide their names and addresses. Than IS fighters come to their homes and officially ask for marriage.

The Islamic State has also already expanded into the tourist industry. Tours are being offered for jihadists on honeymoons and civilians who want to visit other parts of its caliphate. There are now tours operating two times a week from Syria's Raqa to Iraq's Anbar. The Islamic State black flag is seen on the tour buses which play jihadist songs for the tourists.

Mashable has confirmed there are reports that the Islamic State has opened a marriage matchmaking office. The extremist group has taken control of large areas of Syria and Iraq in the past few weeks. The group is designated as a foreign terrorist organization
by the U.S. Department of State.

In adherence with its radical interpretation of Islam IS has set strict limitations on women in the territories which it controls. There are guidelines establishing what women should wear which includes full veils. The group has a clear goal of establishing a caliphate which is governed under extremist Islamic rule. The Islamic State uses American social media to boast about its actions. Exactly what type of country will evolve if the Islamic State maintains control of large areas of Syria and Iraq remains unclear.

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