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A Man's Guide to Nightlife Wear

Well-dressed man ready for the club
Well-dressed man ready for the club

A well-dressed bro with a razor-sharp attitude demands respect from those around him. So, before heading out for a big night, you might want to ask yourself: "am I ready for success"? Maybe not... real preparation means more than just slapping on a leather belt and reaching for the cologne-- and stop winking at the mirror! In truth, getting ready starts with style. Guys who exude real moxie and confidence will lock down a solid, fashion-conscious look before walking out the door.


Making an impact is largely about presentation. Let's begin with your shoes. It has often been said that a man's shoes are the first detail that a women notices. This is definitely true. A solid pair of shoes suggest charisma and status. Yet, its important to wear the right type of shoe whether you're headed to an upscale lounge or a high-energy club. The rules for shoes are simple. If your shoes are too understated, you'll appear clueless, so do not hesitate to opt for more luxurious European-inspired styles. You may refer to this season's high top leather boot trends featuring chunky buckles and zippers. Prada had an incredibly sleek-looking boot with a rubber soul and elastic gussets on both sides. You can also embark on this year's 1920s fashion influences by choosing a dress shoes in the oxford style, but make sure to choose black, which looks more trim than brown.


Adding creativity to your look means trying to move beyond slim fit jeans. While this cut is trendy, there are tons of other sharper and more impressive pant options. Club Monaco carries a variety of corduroy pocket pants and linen straight leg trousers. You can also look at Perry Ellis dress pants, which have a modern, yet sophisticated vibe. Your color choices also leave room for creativity. Red and burgundy pants are becoming a popular trend on both the runways and streets.

Real risk-takers should take advantage of this season's leather pant trend. Combine a pair of black leather pants with a black V neck shirt and a blazer for a powerful look. Drop crotch pants are also a creative option, but proceed with caution. These pants offer a unique fit as they leave a bulge in the crotch area and taper into a fitted ankle. So, be prepared to rock them confidently for the best results.


Being creative also means tossing the polo or your routine "boys-night-out" dress shirt with the stripes and overly spread collar. This staple is sickeningly worn to death. As a rule, experiment with other shirt styles to move above the norm. A lot of the refined attire that men wear to work can easily be translated into respectable lounge-wear and appears a lot more impressive. So, don’t worry about over-dressing.

Metallic shirts are another excellent options for club wear. Burberry's Spring show revealed this trend, showing a purple metallic T shirt paired with pleated trousers and black lace-up dress shoes.
Plaid is also still fashionable, but pay attention to your colors for evening wear. You should choose darker colors like charcoal, purple or navy to make plaid work in the evenings. On a chillier night, you may throw on a black or grey cardigan and pair this look with biker boots and a leather bracelet, adding a bit of edge and urban flavor.


Another tip for cultivating your unique look is through your personal trademarks. Consider wearing accessories like man jewelry and hats to show your identity. But, if you're thinking about wearing a toque, forget it! Pulling a toque over your head does not make you trendy or mysterious, but merely shady. For a truly fashion-forward appearance, go for trilby or fedora hat.

By following these tips, you can boldly dominate your night. Remember, a solid dresser exhibits a strong presence. He also puts his best face forward by starting with his shoes, the lady-killing ingredient. So, enjoy looking sharp while having a successful night out.

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