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A Magician Fights Against the Ghosts of the Past in Wylie's Romance Novel

One of the best-known symbols associated with magic is the pentacle, a five-pointed star, which shouldn’t be confused with the pentagram. Richard Blackstone, one of the protagonists of “Magic of the Pentacle (Mark of the Magician)” by Diane Wylie, receives his incredible powers from this star.

Richard’s eyes, dark green “like the color of a tree-covered mountain in summer,” quickly steal the heart of Dr. Julian Nelson. She is a psychiatrist who deals everyday with issues of the mind, both real and imaginary, but what Richard reveals to her determines her to question her own sanity. Moreover, it isn’t only Julian that falls for Richard. The latter, having lived a playboy lifestyle for hundreds of years, feels that Julian is the right woman for him, the one to whom he could offer all his unconditional love and care.

However, Richard must face his past before being able to live happily with Julian. He is more than just a magician; he is a knight of the Order of the Garter. Julian eventually finds out the truth regarding the source of his magical abilities when she sees him completely naked, lying in the moonlight, wearing only his five-pointed star amulet. After revealing his biggest secret to the woman he loves, Richard returns to the Bodiam Castle, the place where the amulet was created, and attempts to free the souls trapped inside the ruined castle. In order to do so, Richard must complete a quest: he has to fulfill the five virtues of knighthood – courtesy, noble generosity, fellowship, purity, and compassion.

“Magic of the Pentacle (Mark of the Magician)” is a well-written romance novel, whose gripping plot and complex protagonists make for a highly enjoyable read. Diane Wylie’s descriptions are rich and condensed, helping the reader to fully immerse in the fictional universe of the book.

You may find “Magic of the Pentacle (Mark of the Magician)” on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble. For more books by the same author and for free excerpts, visit Diane Wylie’s site.

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