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A.M. Detmer house

A.M. Detmer House was built in 1885 located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood.
A.M. Detmer House was built in 1885 located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood.

Cincinnati is very rich in history and can preserve it rather well. As you travel through part of Cincinnati it's like some of the city is frozen in time with it's beautiful architecture. Among the many buildings there are many homes that too have been frozen in history and been preserved to their fullest representing the various eras and progress that has been made since Cincinnati was founded. One of these homes is the A.M. Detmer home which is located at 1520 East Chapel Street in the heart of Walnut Hills. This beautifully designed home was built back in 1885 for A.M. Detmer a business man in Cincinnati. The architect, Samuel Hannaford who is well known throughout the Cincinnati area for many of his designs choose to use the Late Victorian style for this particular home. The home built with three gabled wall dormers exhibit on both the front and sides the Flemish parapets as well as having an asymmetrical two-bay front facade that has a projecting right pavilion that comes up to the entrance porch. The porch has two magnificent brick Doric columns that help support a boxed pediment along with the projecting pavilion it shows a decorative Flemish stepped gable that has squat rounded finials and limestone stringcourses. Some other features are tall corbeled chimneys with a step center hip roof and more parapets that help contribute to the vertical appearance of the home that sits at 2 and a half stories tall.