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A lower-priced Xbox One may be on the way in 2014

What a white Xbox One might look like if one actually exists
What a white Xbox One might look like if one actually exists
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In the last 24 hours, a swirl of rumors surrounding the Xbox One have appeared from an anonymous source at Microsoft, including confidential release date information for nearly all of its exclusive catalogue of games. As it turns out, that it was just an appetizer for the main course.

The leak also revealed details of a number of limited edition versions of the Xbox One, on gaming forum NeoGAF, including a plain white console and a Titanfall tie-in. They didn't stop there. The leak also claims a 1TB hard drive version and a $399 edition ‘maybe without an optical disc drive’ will be in Microsoft's plan to compete with Sony's lower-priced PS4.

Microsoft would not "confirm or deny" these rumors, including the lack of a disc drive, or the lower price. Yet the software giant seems to be doing everything short of a hostile takeover to ensure Sony doesn’t win the console wars this time around, even though the PlayStation 4 is currently outselling the Xbox One by 1.5 to 1.

The only thing Microsoft has announced so far is a deal to get $100 towards an Xbox One if you trade in your old PlayStation 3. And the fact that they plan to take legal action against the leak, if and when they find them. Make of that what you will.