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A Love Story

This past week I met a very special engaged couple in Jacksonville. The female of the relationship had no hesitation unveiling their love story. This article will be a real testament of the power of love. Additionally, it will allow me to give some insight post meeting them.

The couple I meet this past week began communicating like the vast majority of today’s relationship. They meet via Skype. Their relationship was one of transparency from day 1. She was a divorcee of two children. Her family was dysfunctional and she had an upbringing riddled with abuse. Prior to meeting her fiancé via Skype, she wanted to end it all.

As a man he was captivated by her beauty, but most importantly honesty. To give you a mental perception she is a woman who is about 6 feet tall, an Amber Rose cut adorns her head, her physique is voluptuous, and confidence should be her middle name. Any misconception you may have about her based on appearance is quickly shattered when she opens her mouth. Her vocabulary is beyond comprehension fully proving why she has multiple degrees.

As this couple engages in dialect you can see the love radiate between them. She readily praises him as being a wonderful father, excellent chef, and the person having a major part in her still being here. After all, this is a man who drove his car from Jacksonville to Milwaukee in one night to change her life forever. He is military retired and currently works as an EMT. Currently, she is unemployed but as a man who understands his role he has no problem holding it down while she diligently seeks employment opportunities.

When this couple met she was homeless. Not being shy, she shared there were periods when she lived in her car. Now she and her two children reside with her fiancé in a 5 bedroom house. Collectively, their weeks are spent entertaining and enjoying at home. Her kids are techies so they enjoy playing the latest games as a family. She enjoys thrift shopping. Her fiance enjoys buying steaks etc. and firing up the grill on any given day.

I took notes on several things as I observed them. For one, she readily complimented her fiancé. Essentially, she reinforced why he was so special to her. As women I think it can be extremely easy to become vocal about the wrong things versus the right things. I realized that we as women really have the power to set the atmosphere and get desired results based on our approach.

I also understood the importance of having a partner with stability. As she was going through a difficult period in her life he was able to talk with her. A good partnership is about communication. If you are having a difficult time during any point in your life it is good to have a partner that can provide insight. Too often frustration occurs when emotional needs are not being met.

Please understand that a relationship should never be a project. It is about collaboratively working together to have a better quality of life. It is about compromising with dual responsibilities. It is about believing in the person you are with. If upward mobility and progress is not occurring then you are better being alone.

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