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A Lot To Like About Being a Minnnesota Pro Sports Fan...

This article is basically a tribute to all of the great people who have instilled me with a love of Minnesota Pro Sports over the years because they're really pretty great. First of all, this article wouldn't be worth the program it's typed on if I didn't mention my dad, Charles, who untimely passed away on New Years Day at the age of sixty-four. After all, he purchased a great number of the ticket receipts which made it possible for us to attend the tremendous professional athletic events I've attended over the years. And I know he would have shared in my excitement over the Vikings recent head coaching hire, Wild success, and Minnesota Twins 2014 promise - however bleak it may no doubt be.

And as disappointing as the Timberwolves continually are, there's unquestionably something to Love about pulling for the sterling play of Kevin Love; (hey, just think one of these days he may actually start an NBA All-Star game...Lord knows number 42 is long overdue...) I know my dad also would have been riveted by the play of my alma mater - the University of Minnesota - on the basketball court and counting down til tourney time, in anticipation of where Pittino's lads would get seeded this year in the ultra-competitive Big Ten. Gopher hockey instills just as much pride come March...almost as if we were individually responsible for the deflation of the Dome.

Yes, indeed there's a lot to like about being a Minnesota sports fan in the coming months and I wish every single one of you nothing but the best, most exciting moments of fanaticism. After all, life should be a celebration of special moments like these so - if need be - indoctrinate lessons like these to your children so they can to theirs and so on and so on etc.

R.I.P Charles John McKusick (July 2, 1949 - January 1, 2014)

&God Bless: To All Minnesota Sports Fans. You make this State Great!

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