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Saying Hello to those you met; just might make everyone feel better
Saying Hello to those you met; just might make everyone feel better
Joanne DeHerrera

People can go on the internet anytime they wish, or turn on the news; just to hear all the bad that is going on in the world. People can either tune the bad out/mental blockage, or not, and if he or she does not; then it can drive a person to be highly stressed at home, and in the workplace; especially if the person looking is not happy to begin with. As a person who works and seeing others who are stressed; it is a type of stress that is so enhanced that it drives others to be stressed; when they were not stressed to begin with.
How does one step back from the stress? Back in the day, people grew up, some people grew up while going to the local store; one would say, ‘Hello how are you today,” or at least a, ‘Hello,’ however trying to find that as of late; is rare. Perhaps there is something to be said with a mere, ‘Hello,’ that just might make everyone in whom the person said, ‘Hello,’ to be a type of pay-it-forward, and put others in a good mood; when in fact the person one says, ‘Hello,’ to is having a horrible day, but because this person received a cheerful, ‘Hello,’ from a stranger; perhaps their day just might be a tad brighter. It has happened to everyone; have a bad, someone says something nice about one’s hair, suit, or that mere, ‘Hello,’ knows that the mood has changed, and those persons have a tendency to be in a better mood; thus, paying-the-good-will forward.
Life is stressful enough, so it is by encouragement that every reader; tries earnestly to put on a smile and be a light to others; even if the readers day, month or year has been bad, or even horrible. Remember, one’s attitude is great for public relations and great for life in general.