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A Lost Purpose: No More Freedom Left to Fight For?

soldiers in Afghanistan
soldiers in Afghanistan
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

We Americans always are patriotic and rise to the call to defend our liberty in times of war, such as now in the War Against Islamic Terror. We support our troops and we volunteer. We raise money for veterans’ causes, and buy them lunches at the airport.

Yet, today, the cause for which we fight is fading fast. The ancient Athenians fought and won only because they had a purpose and motivation to fight, and the willingness to sacrifice for that purpose, which was democracy and liberty. Victor Davis Hanson is one of the foremost authorities on the phenomenon of the success of the Athenians and western militaries in general, and explains their success in his book: “The Western Way of War”.

In this and other works by Hanson, he draws the connection between the success in warfare and the fact that the Athenian hoplites were “stakeholders” in a free society (at least free for them), and therefore had much to lose if defeated. They fought as a unit, and they fought for their freedom and property. Their officers fought along side the regular hoplites, and died with them. This has been the history of Western Civilization, and this is why the West, now spearheaded by America, has been the leader of defending freedom throughout the world.

Today, we have a problem. America is fast losing its liberty. So in the future, when our troops are asked to make the sacrifices that they have made so many times and so valiantly in the past, at some point they will begin to question why. Morale is already beginning to suffer in the American military, especially in light of the fact that political leaders are forcing “politically correct” social experiments on the services. The loss of liberty on the home front also will inevitably add to the loss of morale.

How are we losing our liberty, one might ask. Allow me to explain. The Progressive Movement, since the time of Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, has relentlessly attacked liberty at home, and they have been very successful. Under their latest incarnation, the Democratic Party, with their complicit RINO Republican allies, they have expanded government and usurped individual liberty in an inexorable war on classical liberalism and the principles of the Founders.

This has now reached the previously unbelievable point that for the first time in our history, the Federal Government can force individual American citizens to PURCHASE something (Obamacare), under penalty of law and with enforcement by an increasingly fascist Internal Revenue Service.

We also now have many monstrous federal government agencies such as the EPA, ATF, FCC, SEC, Homeland Security, FBI, INS, and many others who issue literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of pages of laws every year (“regulations”) which have not been passed by your elected representatives, but for violations of which you can be jailed for, and with little due process or redress. See for one example where a flower importer was put in federal prison for two years for unknowingly violating a federal regulation, and this one in which a lobster importer was jailed for using the wrong type of container:

Also see Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments”, for a great explanation of how the federal regulatory agencies have stolen our liberty.

Levin states:

However,...we live in a post-constitutional period due to the Progressive movement's successful political counterrevolution. The Statists have constructed an all-powerful centralized federal government, unleashing endless social experiments in pursuit of utopian designs. The federal branches have used judicial review, congressional delegation, broad abuses of of the Commerce and Takings clauses, and the power of the urse (taxing, spending, and borrowing), among other things, to commandeer the sovereignty of the states and the citizenry. In deed, the states and the citizenry are now consumed by an elephantine array of federal laws, regulations, and rulings, which torment, coerce, obstruct, and sabotage the individual's autonomy. The states that gave the federal government life now live mostly at its behest."

Federal taxpayer-funded sobriety check points, stop and frisk, the highest prison population in the western hemisphere, NSA spying, warrantless wiretaps, the unchained FISA Court, traffic speed and red light cameras, spy cameras on every corner, the militarization of the civilian police, Common Core, just to name a few of the fascist endeavors of our modern progressive state, and one can only conclude that we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

At what point the weakening of America’s economy and foreign policy will converge with the fascist mechanisms being put in place on the home front will destroy the motivation and morale of our military, one can only speculate. This writer is going to support Mark Levin’s efforts to pass the Liberty Amendments; it may be the last hope for a free America.

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