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A Los Angeles plumber charges $125 for a 15 minute job! What do you earn?

A beginning LAUSD teacher earns $43,448 per year. That is approximately $36 an hour.

The median LAUSD teacher salary is $57,429. That is approximately $48 an hour.

The top LAUSD teacher salary is $74,854. That is approximately $62 an hour.

Every teacher in LAUSD has a minimum of 5 years of college, continual training and education, up to 40 years of teaching experience, works more than the 6 hours a day spent in the classroom, and secondary teachers handle large classes of 40 or more high school students multiple times a day.

Society puts such a low value and such high expectations on its public school teachers.

There are so many other positions and careers in which college is not required or where the worker has the same education as a public school teacher, and the salary is much higher than that of a public school teacher.

Are you aware of how many LAUSD teachers need a second job to survive?

I have known teachers, many of them single, who worked at department stores, after school playgrounds, restaurants as hostesses, day camps, driven taxis, and taught night school.


LAUSD’s pay is low, especially for new teachers;

There hasn’t been a salary increase for 7 years.

The cost of living and the cost of housing in Los Angeles is extremely high and if a teacher chooses to live far away, then there is the cost of gasoline (and LAUSD is renown for placing teachers 20, 30 or 40 miles from their homes).

Employee health benefits have fallen which means more out of pocket expenses for teachers.

Teachers spend a surprisingly large amount of their own money in supplies for their classrooms and even more so in the last few years as monies for the schools have been wiped away.

Why would anyone want to be a public school teacher especially in LAUSD? If anyone with a young family were to ask me about teaching in LAUSD, I would vehemently say no. They would not have time for their families, themselves or enough energy to enjoy their children growing up.

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