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A Look Into "Ski Town U.S.A!"

Jake Phillips launches off a rock jump at Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Jake Phillips launches off a rock jump at Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Steep runs, champagne powder, little to no crowds; these are just a handful of initial thoughts from my latest trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Hidden hundreds of miles from any major city and packed full of fresh snow; it is easy to see why they call Steamboat “Ski Town USA!”

This mountain has over 2,900 acres of terrain that itches to be ridden by powder seekers. My crew's first run found us looking down a steep double black chute that was knee deep of fresh powder. We knew this would be a fantastic run knowing that the only other route down this face of the mountain was a 50 to 100 foot cliff! After zooming past the chute we were exposed to nothing but a wide open slope of fresh powder and natural rocks and rollers to jump.

With this amazing run in the bank we decided to step on over to the terrain park. Although the terrain park is not as big as Keystone's infamous A51 park, it still has a variety of features for riders of every level. The park itself is divided into three individual parks to keep the difficulty of the jumps and features the same.

The first park is known as the Lil' Rodeo Park. This is the easiest park to ride, featuring bunny sized jumps to small scale rainbow and C boxes. Probably the most popular feature in this park is the beginners halfpipe at the end of the run. This item is very ideal for helping a rider develop confidence in being able to ride a pipe. At only 10 feet in height it is also easy for riders to pop over the lip and experience the feeling of catching air back into the transition.

“I really loved the fact that Steamboat build a small half pipe because it allows for riders to progress and eventually move on to the super pipe,” said avid rider Jake Phillips on his impression of the resorts popular half pipe.

The second level park is called the Rabbit Ears Park. This is probably the best park to ride if you are looking for a wide variety of rails and boxes. The park also features a jump lane that are designed to teach riders to master the idea of launching over flat gaps. These gaps are relatively small, approximately between five to ten feet. The third and final park offered a small variety of rails and boxes with an expert jump lane as well as an 18 foot super pipe.

Overall, Steamboat Resort is a true destination for anyone out there who loves champagne powder and a wide variety of beginner to expert terrain. With an annual snowfall of over 300 inches and 3,668 feet of vertical drop this place truly is “Ski Town USA!”

For more information on Steamboat Springs you can contact the resort at 970-879-6111 or visit their website at


  • Brian La Rue 5 years ago

    Lots of Natural hits sounds good, more free riding less squaters on a park.

  • Kim Bogin 5 years ago

    Great photos! Love Steamboat.

  • Burton Allstar 5 years ago

    Steamboat rocks! Good article man..

  • Brian Cavasin - Detroit Fly Fishing Examiner 5 years ago

    Concise and well written - thanks!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Steamboat is such a beautiful place, I love the pics and I realize now why the steamboat real estate market is on the rise. Just gorgeous!

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