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A look back at the Montreal restaurant scene 2009

Cresent street on Grand Prix weekend in Montreal.
Cresent street on Grand Prix weekend in Montreal.

Two thousand and nine proved to be difficult for many Montreal area restaurants. While the failing economy, the high Canadian dollar, and the loss of the Canadian Grand Prix made 2009 difficult for all Montreal businesses, restaurants and hotels were hit harder owing to the sharp decline in tourists who grace our city for our many festivals and attractions.

Among some of the casualties last year, Brasserie Brunoise, Garcon, Picasso’s, Bowfingers (West Island location only) and, Version Laurent Godbout to name but a few, all shut off their stoves and unplugged their refrigerators. (I know I should leave this tidbit of information to the Toronto Restaurant Examiner, but I was quite surprised to read that Susur in Toronto has closed.) And while the state of the economy for 2010 is anyone’s guess, one point of optimism resides with the return of the Canadian Grand Prix, which will certainly provide Montreal restaurants with a much needed boost—at least in spirit for now. Raymond Bachand, Quebec Minister of Finance, and Minister responsible for the Montreal region expects the Grand Prix to inject close to 100 million dollars into the city.

If you know of any other restaurants that closed in 2009, let me know by commenting below.  Also, if you want to stay current on any and all restaurant news for 2010, click on the subscribe icon above, enter your e-mail address, and you'll recieve notice whenever a new article is posted on the Examiner.



  • Lisa 5 years ago

    The hard rock cafe on Cresent closed.

  • Marco 5 years ago

    I'm not familiar with montreal, but in Laval Papa Johns closed and so did derrieres les fargots.

  • Marco 5 years ago

    I know I spelled "fargot" wrong but the comment feature won't accept the correct way because it's flagged as an inappropriate word. I'm referring to the French resto in Vieux Ste Rose.

  • Sandro-Mtl Restaurant Ex 5 years ago

    I forgot about the Hard Rock, thanks Lisa. Marco, I can't say I'm upset about Papa Johns, but the closing of, Derrieres les "Bulrushes" is very sad indeed. Laval has lost a great restaurant.