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A look back at Eric Northman

I have started to re-read Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries for the umpteenth time and also watch True Blood from the beginning (hey, there's nothing wrong with a True Blood marathon while waiting for June). It made me remember the time when I was on Team Bill and absolutely despised Eric. Shocking and unheard of, I know.

Eric Northman through the years
Eric Northman through the years
Eric Northman

Alexander Skarsgard's character Eric Northman has certainly evolved over the past five seasons. Here's a look back!

Season 1: While he was only in a few episodes, Eric's introduction was a memorable one. This tall, menacing, powerful vampire with long, blonde hair perched on his "throne" in Fangtasia with his right-hand woman, Pam next to him (equally as intimidating). I didn't like him. At all. I thought he was a jerk and quite frankly, scary. He had "bad news" in neon light flashing on his forehead and I wanted nothing more than for him to stay away from my beloved Sookie and Bill.

Season 2: Who is this guy getting highlights put in his hair? Oh, he cut it now? And he's kind of funny...and hot. That would be the Eric Northman I despised so much last season, however he's grown on me and I'm beginning to like him. In season 2 we see a softer side of the manipulating Eric when his maker, Godric dies. We also see Sookie's fantasies about him, which let's face it, we wanted them to be real.

Season 3: With Bill's disappearance, Eric enlists the help of werewolf, Alcide and Sookie to find him. Now is when we also see Eric's own fantasies about Sookie. He informs Sookie that her first meeting with Bill wasn't by chance and that he was sent to keep tabs on her, therefore throwing a wrench in how she feels about him. Eric makes plenty of advances towards her, just to be denied (stupid girl), however the build up for season 4 has begun.

Season 4: Can we even count season 4 as "Eric"? While under an amnesia spell by the witch, Marnie, we see a very vulnerable, naive, and sweet Eric. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum from the character we met in season 1. Many of us cheered when Eric and Sookie finally, finally hooked up. But, when he came out of his spell and actually remembered everything, he finds that he has fallen for Sookie. He then becomes part of the Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle (to which she denies them both -- again, stupid girl).

Season 5: With Bill joining the Vampire Authority and now looking at humans as food (including Sookie), we see Eric's tiny spark of humanity left in him. Eric is now the "good guy" and is determined to save Bill from becoming something that he is not.

Enjoy the slideshow that revisits Eric throughout the seasons! What season was your favorite?