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A look back at Barlow's choke sign


Purdue freshman Kelsey Barlow implies that Indiana choked in the Boilers 75-72 victory Thursday night in Bloomington.

What, if anything, is there to really say about this picture? Truth is, the Hoosiers didn't really choke that game away, Purdue's superstars simply took over at the end and did what they've been expected to do all season - win.

If there was any choking on the part of the Hoosiers, it was at the free throw line, not Verdell Jones' blocked layup immediately preceding Barlow's non-attempt to dislodge Assembly Hall popcorn.

Plenty of commenters on the live blog mentioned Barlow's drama skills during the game, but it was hardly mentioned in most news outlets' postgame coverage, including here on The Examiner. But the gesture is beginning to draw some heat. Rush The Court, a college basketball blog, said "Stay Classy, Kelsey Barlow", while Kent Sterling wrote on his own blog that "he'll come to learn that quiet snipers live longer than loud gunfighters", and that for "some guys [it] takes a little longer to learn that arrogance is generally unrewarded".

Rush The Court suspects Barlow will be suspended by Matt Painter, while Sterling said "Kelsey made a mistake, and today I'm guessing that the lesson will be advanced by Matt Painter, a coach more interested in winning than showing up an opponent."

So far, no word on a suspension or any other discipline for Barlow.

In either case, the gesture has to add some fuel to the rivalry. While Indiana guard Verdell Jones was careful not to say too much, he did make it clear it won't be forgotten come the rematch on March 3 in West Lafayette:

"See, the great thing is we've got to play them again. So we'll see him again," Jones said. "We'll see what he has to say when we play them again."

Yes. We will see what he has to say after the game that day. But win or lose, don't expect Barlow to choke himself again.


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