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A Look Back. 400 articles 4 years

Ron Irwin
Kimberly Kaula

Today I celebrate reaching beyond 400 articles written for the since I began in February of 2010. I have tried to stay on top of entertainment in Southern California including but well beyond the obvious film and television industries. I have reviewed many plays and numerous shows and events. But my greatest joy has always been profiling some of the truly amazing actors that are so abundant in the greater Los Angeles area. Today I will look back on my first four articles featuring local celebrities. They are indeed local but in at least two cases their fame reaches well beyond L.A. and even beyond the borders of the U.S.A. How have they changed in the four years since I first wrote about them?

Well in the case of my very first celebrity profile, Jay Keno, he is now finally really and truly gone from the Tonight Show. Jay took over hosting duties from Johnny Carson in 1992. For more than 17 years Jay Leno reached out to the world every weekday evening from the NBC Studios in Burbank, CA. Then in 2009 he stepped down briefly and Conan O’Brien took over. That ended quickly in 2010 when Jay returned. Jay remained the Tonight Show Host until earlier this year when not only was he replaced with Jimmy Fallon but the entire show moved back to its origin in New York City. Check out my first profile of Jay Leno at

My next “celebrity” profile was published March 1, 2010. It featured a young man by the name of Jason Adams. Truth be told, while Jason was indeed a local performer, primarily in an organization known as “Show Camp” Jason was not a true celebrity and had little chance of ever becoming a celebrity. Yet his story was inspiring because he faced many challenges from the day he was born. He was stricken with several severe medical challenges most damaging being epilepsy. Nevertheless he applied for and was admitted into the performing arts program at Hollywood High School. He has since graduated and looking at several educational options. Jason’s story is one incredible courage and a fighting spirit unwilling to ever quit. His story may be read yet again at:

Paul and Matthew Bond first came to my attention when they appeared together in “A Christmas Carol” at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. They are a truly amazing father and son acting team with dad Paul originally from Canada. Paul Bond has a strong and growing acting career not only on stage but also in film and television. SEE: Son Matthew is more focused on finishing up High School and then pursing such goals as life directs him. This is a beautiful father son team and their story as it existed in 2010 may be read at:

Darcy Rose Byrnes like Jason Adams and my daughter Kari Irwin was in the “Show Camp” program. That was somewhat odd in that even back in 2010 Darcy was already a fairly well known television actress having made numerous appearances on the Young and the Restless as well as on the Bold and the Beautiful. I am happy to report that Darcy’s film and television career has grown extremely well and her future seems solid. LOOK: You can take a look back and get a glimpse of the early history of a rapidly emerging star Darcy Rose Byrnes in my March 4, 2010 article in the at:

There have been so many more profiles over these first four wonderful years. I encourage you to take just a New York second and click on “Subscribe” just below my photo. Doing so insures that you won’t miss a beat in the L.A. entertainment scene and best of all it is absolutely free.

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