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A Look Back: 3 Twitteristic Highlights From The Vocus Demand14 Conference

One billion tweets are shared every 2 days!
One billion tweets are shared every 2 days!
Vocus Demand14 Conference

Well, if you follow me over on my social media and marketing blog or on my Twitter account, you are more than likely well aware that several weeks back, I had the opportunity to attend the Vocus Demand Success 2014 conference (D14) at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center earlier this month.

There were so many social media and digital marketing educational opportunities throughout the Vocus event. As a social business & digital PR strategist, it should be no surprise then that the D14 Social Track was of very high interest to me. And as the Twitter Examiner columnist for the DC area, I couldn't help but notice a number of uber-Twitteristic moments which unfolded over the span of the conference and worth sharing here.

So diving in, here are my top three "twitterific" moments experienced while attending D14:

    The Vocus D14 conference folks did an excellent job marketing the "#Demand14" hashtag during the sessions and throughout the event. So much so, in fact, that the collective tweeting activity amongst D14 attendees reportedly skyrocketed to more than 15K tweets over the span of two days! That averaged out to about 20 tweets per attendee. I don't know about you but I found this Vocus D14 stat to be quite impressive.

    (And while we are on the subject of tweeting attendees, a quick shout out goes to @Tinu and @ChrisAbraham for being two of the most prolific tweepers at D14!)

    In her opening keynote entitled "Dot Complicated: Making Sense of Digital Life," Randi Zuckerburg highlighted the trend where businesses are now known to barter or exchange products and services in return for customer or influencer tweets and social status updates. So imagine how cool it was to see this trend in "real time" action at D14! The Vocus folks had a souped-up swag area with tons of cool things like phone chargers, umbrellas, shirts, books and much more. And all you had to do to get your hands on the event swag of choice? Well, you had to tweet of course! D14 attendees actually had the choice of tweeting or posting to Instagram but no matter where you posted the #Demand14 hashtag, you were sure to walk away with an amazing swag item. (By the way, I'm still loving my D14 swag post-event!!)
    Last but hardly least, I have to highlight the "Success In 140 Or Less" presentation by Twitter's own Sr. Account Executive Sebastian Turner. As a social media consultant, I am often asked about how Twitter's promoted or sponsored tweets work, what they cost and how a business or brand can implement them effectively. Sebastian's presentation was very helpful in that regard and highlighted real-world success studies of both large and smaller businesses experiencing success using Twitter's native advertising opportunities.

Honestly, it's very hard to cap this list at three but hopefully, you get the gist:
Twitter love could be found everywhere throughout D14!

I'm so very glad I attended the D14 conference and will be most curious to see how the Twitter love continues at next year's D15 event :)

Stay tuned...

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