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A look at werewolf creatures across four U.S. States

Werewolves are in our folklore, movies, books, games, and other media, most of us don't think of them as real creatures. Move back like 300 years or so and people believed in the creature's existence. It's interesting to think that our ancestors believed in such wild notions. What's really interesting is these four states have been plagued by werewolf reports and they weren't in the Medieval Age, more like the Modern Age. You don't have to believe because it's still interesting to read.


Wisconsin has had its share of werewolf legends and sightings. The most famous case is probably the Beast of Bray Road. One of the sightings happened on Halloween in 1999, a young woman was driving along Bray Road, when she thought the hit something. She got out of the car, and then saw the beast. Another sighting was by a farmer named Scott Bray, he reported seeing a strange creature in his pasture near Bray Road.


Michigan has its own venison of the werewolf, the " Michigan Dogman." The creature was first reported in 1887 in Wexford County, MI. Sightings have since been reported throughout Michigan, primarily in the Lower Peninsula.


Louisiana has it variation of the werewolf, they call it the rougarou. In some legends the rougarou hangs out in the swamps. Some believe that this legend is more than just a legend, that it's actually a fact.


In the 70s in Defiance, a local newspaper reported that police were looking for a wolf man near the railroad tracks. It was three people that reported being attacked by this creature! Two brakemen also reported in seeing a strange-like wolf creature lurking on the tracks.

So next time you're roaming around these states or other places with reports, be on the look out for this legendary creature.


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