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A look at the new 'Hyrule Warriors' trailer for Fi, the Goddess Sword

New playable character is revealed: Fi, the Goddess Sword
New playable character is revealed: Fi, the Goddess Sword
Koei Tecmo Games, Nintendo

Another trailer for ‘Hyrule Warriors’ was released today, featuring a new playable character. This time, the guest of honor was Fi, The Goddess Sword, with the primary weapon being the Goddess Blade.

Fi originally appeared in ‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ (2011) for Wii. In ‘Skyward Sword,’ Fi was Link’s companion throughout his journey. And his sword. Fi was the spirit of the ‘Goddess Blade,’ which through many trials transformed into the legendary ‘Master Sword.’

It is truly a treat to see a character that was originally a side-character, adventurer’s companion, and a living weapon transformed into a rounded, playable character for the upcoming ‘Hyrule Warriors.’ This was also done with another companion-character, Midna, whose trailer appeared a little while back.

While Fi wasn’t a playable or much of a fighting character in ‘Skyward Sword,’ her fighting technique is still well-rounded, not to mention beautiful and graceful. The movements are reminiscent from ‘Skyward Sword,’ and it flows quite well; this includes the ‘Goddess Message Dances’ that she does periodically and the ‘Spirit Realm Flower Song’ to open the Spirit Realm. Fi can also transform into the actual Goddess Blade and (somehow) swing herself at enemies.

Most of her basic attacks consist of elegant kicks and round, circular attacks. Fi can hit almost any enemy that is around her. This will be undoubtedly good for players who like characters that have a circular range in their attacks, knocking the enemies around her back to whence they came!

Since this is a ‘Dynasty Warriors’ collaboration, it is expected for more characters to show up in the final version of the game. The exact number of characters is still unknown. Some fans were pleased when Fi was announced, while others groaned in frustration. Will another fan-favorite present itself in the weeks to come? Everyone will have to wait and see.

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