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A look at the new commands in Minecraft's 1.8 update

Minecraft update 1.8
Minecraft update 1.8

While we don't know the release date to the upcoming 1.8 update for Minecraft, we do know that there are two main themes the update will revolve around. One of the two themes in 1.8 is aimed at serious mapmakers and the other is for those who prefer the survival aspect of the mining simulator.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the brand new slash commands implemented in the upcoming 1.8 update for the map-making creative folk that continue to make Minecraft impressive and relevant to this day.

New commands:

  • /blockdata - This command modifies the NBT data at a specific coordinate. As such, it can change the contents of any chest in the game.
  • /clone - This command clones up to 4096 blocks in a given area and places them somewhere else, as specified by the player.
  • /execute - This command allows commands to run from the position of a specified entity.
  • /entitydata - This command works similarly to /blockdata but it can also be targeted to entities other than players.
  • /fill - This command fills in a given volume with up to 32768 of the specified blocks.
  • /particle - This command spawns specified particles in an area.
  • /replaceitem <entity|block> ... - This command can replace items in any inventory in the game, including the inventories of mobs.
  • /stats <entity|block> ... - This command updates a scoreboard objective based on the number of entities and/or blocks that have been affected by the command.
  • /testforblocks - This command compares two areas of a world to one another.
  • /title - This command makes some text display on a players screen in the form of a title and/or subtitle using JSON.
  • /trigger - This command functions the same way as the /scoreboard players set or /scoreboard players add commands, but it can only modify objectives with the trigger criteria.
  • /worldborder - This command is used to set size the size of the world's border.

The /clone and /fill commands will prove especially useful in the rapid development of new creations. They've been used in popular mods for years, but it's great to see them be officially implemented in the game. Do you see any commands that make you excited for Minecraft update 1.8?

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