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A look at the book ADHD & me

ADHD & me by Blake E. S. Taylor
ADHD & me by Blake E. S. Taylor
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If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) you may find yourself looking for resource books to help you understand the condition better. One book you may find helpful was written by a teenage boy with ADHD called ADHD & me.

ADHD & me is written by Blake Taylor who struggled with his symptoms all through his school years. Blake offers his readers a viewpoint that is unique. He writes stories about the shenanigans he pulled as a kid, struggles with school work and how he worked to overcome those struggles. His honesty will take you on his journey through laughter and tears. Chapters in the book cover topics about impulsive behaviors, being bullied, feeling misunderstood, hyperactivity, being distracted, medications, finding special gifts and many other useful topics.

Although medical books can walk your through the clinical aspects to ADHD and explain parenting techniques that may work with your ADHD child, the book ADHD & me will give you a personal account through the eyes of a person with real struggles and success managing his symptoms. If you or your child has ADHD this book will offer you a new window into the condition with solutions on how to overcome difficult symptoms.