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A look at the 2014 Conscious Life Expo

Those who attended the recent Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton the past weekend (Friday through Monday) may have felt somewhat overwhelmed by exposure to all the wonderful stimuli on that site. Others—those who do not fare so well in crowded venues—perhaps may have preferred to home in on some specific targets, such as lectures, workshops, or panels. No matter what, it was certainly a maximum-input atmosphere for all who came with open minds and the stamina to explore all offered there.

For anyone not fully versed in the alternative healing, energy and lifestyle presentations and products shown at the conference, it was a good place to ask questions, gather informational materials, and absorb the vibrations surrounding them. If, on the other hand, you are accustomed to the means and modalities of the holistic life, you would have felt right at home. The efforts made by exhibitors, lecturers and practitioners of various sorts were geared to educate, promote and market their raisons d’etre. In any other location, among the allopathic medicine providers, for instance, there would have been ridicule, blame, and a general closed-mindedness to anything “different”. This setting, however, provided a way to demonstrate and discuss freely the benefits of a number of alternative methods of healing and nurturing life at physical, spiritual and mental levels, without harassment and accusations. No one was there to scoff or shut down any ideas or practices. If only the world outside the Expo could be so accepting!

On the other hand, the event could have done with a bit better organizing at the logistics level. Those entering the hotel early were directed in a multitude of wrong directions by volunteers, when they wanted to pick up their pre-purchased tickets or buy them onsite. Food, also, was not in plentiful supply for attendees. There were some raw foods and salads available—all vegan, all natural—but orders had to be placed far in advance. If you’ve traveled some distance and want a healthy meal right away, this was not the place to find it. Woe to the diabetic who was not carrying a snack for emergencies!

The lectures and workshops were certainly popular—in fact, the rooms (which were not, this year, labeled outside as to which topic and speaker were to be inside) soon overflowed. Perhaps at future Conscious Life Expos, a simple sign on an easel, as in past years, could be posted by the door showing the topic of discussion and the featured speaker’s name?

All in all it was worth the trip and the frenzy of wading through the masses. There were plenty of exhibitors and practitioners more than happy to demonstrate their products and modalities. Fewer incidents occurred this year of those marketing questionable items such as flimsy little plastic “cell phone radiation protectors” or “aura photos” that were basically only pictures of liquid crystal sheets that customers held for a few moments (remember “mood rings”? Pretty much the same stuff except in a flat form.) The integrity of the Expo has improved as a result.

Even for the skeptics in the crowd, the proficiency of the practitioners and lecturers was sufficient to pry open the minds of those in doubt of the efficacy of natural healing. That’s what is needed in the holistic world: demonstrations by professionals of how such methods really work. Seeing, as the old saying goes, is believing. Seeing healing is even more conducive to believing in healthy change.

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