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A look at superstitions concerning our dreams

We all dream, sometimes good dreams and other times nightmares. Sometimes are dreams can foretell the future, while others can wish it was our future. Dreams are crazy things, they can make us believe that we are flying or worse, getting hurt.

There are superstitions about dreams and dreaming. So here are some superstitions that surround dreaming:

  • Dreaming of airports means the desire for freedom or travel.
  • If a woman dreams of nursing a woman, that means that she'll be deceived by the one who she trusts the most.
  • If a person dreams of making a bed, there will be a new lover in their life.
  • If you dream of death, it's a sign of birth. If you dream of birth, it's a sign of death.
  • Dreaming of cats means bad luck for the dreamer.
  • Now to dream of a dog, that means new friendship.
  • If you see a dead dragonfly in your dreams that means you'll get bad news.
  • If you dream of looking for a needle that foretells useless worries.
  • If you dream of a raccoon that's warning you to be on your guard.
  • If you dream of yourself running that means a big change is in-store for your life.
  • Interestingly to note if you dream of spiders (except Tarantulas) is a good omen.

So those are some superstitions about dreams meanings. This site, Corsinet, looks at a lot more than I shared. Of course there are plenty of books that look at dreams superstitions that you can find at the bookstore or online. If you're looking at a scientific approach then Freud is one name to go too.

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