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A look at legendary Chicago performer R. Kelly

R. Kelly is one of the most captivating live performers in R&B today. He is a talented songwriter, powerful vocalist and all around interesting entertainer. His concerts combine unbelievable musicianship with a pinch of playfulness to create a unique concert-going experience. Whether Kelly is headlining a festival or playing an intimate venue, he always thrills his crowds with sensitive love songs and infectious club bangers.

An R. Kelly performance is really a testament to the duality of the artist. Half of the crowd is there strictly for the slow jams. These folks, mostly women, dress up for the occasion, making sure that their hair and makeup is done perfectly in an attempt to impress the “When a Woman Loves” singer. The other half of the audience is more casual. These are usually younger folks who are hoping to hear hits like “Ignition (Remix)” and “Bump N' Grind.” Kelz effortlessly unites these two components to put on a show that leaves everyone singing his praises.

Throughout a show, Kelly interacts with the crowd handing out winks, waves and high-fives to his adoring fans in the front row. His banter is casual and gives insight into his personality as well as his motivations as an artist. As the evening progresses, more and more fans join in with the surrounding sing-alongs and by the time that Kelz breaks out the universal crowd-pleaser “I Believe I Can Fly,” everyone is united in joyful song. On his 2013 tour, Kelly frequently ended his set by releasing a flock of paper doves into the air as he belted out the “Space Jam” hit.

Kelly is reportedly working on a follow-up to his latest album “Black Panties,” and he also has several more chapters of his endlessly entertaining hip hopera “Trapped in the Closet” waiting to be released. Hopefully, that means that Kelz is gearing up to hit the road and once again delight fans across the world with his fantastic live performance.

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